Artist Helped Dogs Get Adopted By Decorating Their Cones

Having surgery or any sort of medical procedure is never fun. But when our pets undergo anything medical, they almost always need a cone to accompany their post-procedural care. The cone, universally known as the cone of shame, is something that our dogs absolutely loath wearing. 

Not only that, but there are a lot dogs in shelters who have to wear them while also waiting for a forever home. Unfortunately this means that sometimes shelter dogs with cones end up being passed over because of the look. Many people assume that a dog wearing a cone means that they must be diseased or something. This may end up in them being overlooked.

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But while some people see the cone of shame, one artist saw an opportunity. In order to help shelter dogs wearing cones get the recognition that they need, one woman came up with the idea of “cones of fame.”

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Erin was the one who came up with a brilliant idea to decorate the cones of shelter dogs in order to make them stand out in a fabulous way. Erin’s idea proved to be quite a successful idea as it ended up getting several dogs adopted, prompting Erin to come up with the Cones of Fame Facebook page. 

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