Artist Takes Photos Of His Bull Terrier Using Creative Sketches

Creative people such as artists, writers, dancers, or musicians can find inspiration anywhere. For some creatives, their spark of inspiration comes from nature, while others are inspired by people or experiences. Either way, creative energy is all around you just need to look for it. Some people might even find it within their fur babies – something that happened for a Brazilian artist and advertising professional. 

Rafael Mantesso had always liked bull terriers. And he’d wanted one ever since he was a little boy. He finally got his wish when he got married and he was able to get a bull terrier. Feeling completed with his bull terrier, Mantesso felt on top of the world. His pup was named Jimmy Choo, just like the famous shoe designer. Unfortunately for Mantesso, his marriage did not last, and it later dissolved. That left him on his own with Jimmy Choo to figure out the next step and pick up the pieces of his broken-down marriage. As he shared with Mashable, “My ex-wife took all the furniture in the house and the house was completely empty and white.” Like other artists facing a crisis of heartache, Mantesso found his inspiration in his empty house as well as his beloved Jimmy Choo. And the results were captured in one powerful photo.

As Mantesso stated, “He is the best partner ever, he is loyal, friendly, and loves to be a model!” Running with his inspiration, Mantesso began photographing his best friend, as well as doodling different little pictures. He then started to share them online on his Instagram page. And before he knew it, the doodles and his unique artistic mastery had taken off online and become quite popular.

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Mantesso had been working as an artist for various projects within the advertising and communications spheres. Some of his works had been pretty big works such as Instituto ATA, a culinary institute. He regularly draws and illustrates on a regular, daily basis.

But after posting his pictures online and gaining a following, he began experiencing a new call. As he mentioned, “I already have some requests for screens, photos, and am starting to think about making it work. We will see.”

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