Artist’s Illustrations Remind Us To Appreciate The Little Moments With Our Dogs

Sometimes words aren’t enough to express how much you love your dog. They bring pure joy and love into our lives, so every moment we share with them is a special one.

Yaoyao Ma Van As is a Los Angeles-based artist who tells the story of her and her dog through the incredible illustrations she posts to her Instagram.

Each picture is cute and colorful. And each relatable day-to-day events that Ma Van As illustrates perfectly captures what it’s like to have a furry companion by your side.

Van Ma As is happily married and living with her husband. However, most of her drawings are a depiction of a life alone with Parker, her dog.

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Warmest welcome after a tough day #dailysketch

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As she explained to the Huffington Post, “Living alone isn’t as scary as it seems! Yes, there were definitely times that it sucked, but there were also countless amazing moments as well. It’s knowing that you’re on your own, and each decision you make is directly affecting how you move forward with your life. Each day you learn to be more independent than the day before. It’s definitely an experience that should be embraced.”

But as everyone who’s ever been alone and had a pet, it’s not really living alone when you have a furry companion.

For Ma Van As, her illustrations tell a story that most of us are familiar with: the ups and downs of living life with a dog.

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Park-O-Lantern #dailysketch

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Many of her drawings depict moments we may take for granted – or even consider a low point when we’re going through them.

However, these are also the times we tend to miss most after our beloved dogs have passed on.

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Humming strumming kisses #dailysketch

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Ma Van As’s art are undoubtedly moving, since her illustrations of these moments make us want to hug our dogs.

Ma Van As is best known for the work she posts on Instagram.

However, she does have plenty of impressive experience working for Disney TV Animation, Rick & Morty, and Warner Brothers Animation – just to name a new.

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Cool crisp morning #dailysketch

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As for her dog, Parker, he is a Chihuahua/Cocker Spaniel mix that she adopted four years ago.

While he doesn’t appear in every single picture, when he does, he definitely adds something wonderful to the scene.

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"You just had a bath!" #dailysketch

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If you absolutely love her work, you will be happy to know that it’s available to buy in prints!

You can buy many of these photos plus loads more online at her INPRNT store.

And of course follow her on Instagram in order to get updates on her work.

Check out more of her works below:

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Morning struggles #illustration

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Cuddles and kisses #illustration

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Go get it Parker! #illustration

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