Australian Shepherd Helps His Owner Out After A Long Day At Work

Australian Shepherd dogs are quite intelligent. My grandfather owns one and she’s brought a lot of joy to his retirement. He’s been able to train her to perform all sorts of cool tricks that he likes to show off whenever guests come over. But he’s also taught her some really helpful everyday tasks like finding his glasses or car keys when he’s lost them, bringing him the TV remote, and how to put away her toys once playtime is over. 

If you have a breed of dog that is pre-dispositioned for intelligence, why not use it to your advantage to make life a little easier? One dog owner did just that with his own Australian Shepherd, who helps make his life more relaxed after a long day at work.

When we get home after a stressful day at work, what is the first thing we do? Most of us can’t wait to peel off our shoes and throw ourselves down onto the bed. But in order to get to the bed, we first have to go through the task of actually doing everything else. Not this dog owner – he’s got some help.

In the video, his dog Morty acts like his personal assistant, allowing the man to just collapse into bed. Morty not only takes off the man’s socks for him, but he also puts them away in the hamper! After he does that, Morty then closes the man’s bedroom door and turns off the light – all while his owner just lays on the bed and recuperates from his day.

It’s quite a remarkable video. Watch it below:

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