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Dog Chasing Tail Obsession

Dog Chasing Tail Obsession A dog on the beach chases and bites her tail to relieve itching from fleas. Learn to help your pup break this behavior if the tail chasing becomes obsessive.

Dear Cesar:We have a ten-year-old lab/pit bull mix. He is housebroken and can do a few tricks. The only problem is he LOVES to chase his tail. Whenever someone comes into the house, or even if there is any loud noise, he chases and chases and chases until he catches his tail. He can walk […]

15 Steps to Overcome Submissive Urination

15 Steps to Overcome Submissive Urination A puppy has an accident when her owner returns from running an errand. With proper training and consistency, dogs can overcome this behavior.

What is Submissive Urination in Dogs? Submissive urination is a dog’s uncontrollable, instinctive reaction to the presence of another dog or human that they feel is superior or intimidating to them. It is a subconscious response that cannot be controlled. While it is not a housebreaking issue, it is more likely to happen when the […]

Exercising Senior Dogs 

Exercising Senior Dogs 

I get many questions about how the fulfillment formula – Exercise, Discipline, then Affection – changes as the dog age and doesn’t require as much physical activity and energy draining. Here are some tips to keep in mind as your dog enters his senior years. I always stress how important it is to get a […]

Good and Bad Play Behavior

Good and Bad Play Behavior Two dogs engage in a friendly game of wrestling on a summer afternoon. Learn how you can tell the difference between aggressive play and good play behavior.

I am a Cesar fan and have a question regarding dogs at ‘play.’ My first obvious thought is that if your dogs have the energy to play, they need more exercise, correct?’ In any event, what types of play do you allow in your pack? I have a very playful two-year-old, high-energy Doberman named Klohee.’ […]

How To Prepare Your Pets For The Fourth of July Fireworks

How To Prepare Your Pets For The Fourth of July Fireworks A dog hides under a bed during a firework show. The sudden noise and bright lights from fireworks can cause dogs to run to a safe hiding spot. Read more here.

The 4th of July can be stressful and traumatic for our pets. To help prepare for the festivities, we must understand how and why animals naturally react to fireworks. Dogs use their nose, eyes, and ears to experience the world around them. The sudden booms, burning smells, large gatherings, and flashing lights can cause our […]

Will A New Dog Adjust to My Schedule

Will A New Dog Adjust to My Schedule A dog looks out the window and waits at home for his owner to return from work. Learn how to help your dog adjust well to a new work schedule.

Hi Cesar,  I don’t have a dog yet, but I plan to adopt one from my local shelter. It will be my first dog. I am a teacher, so I have many non-work days, such as eight to ten weeks of summer vacation, two weeks of Christmas break, one week of Easter break, and several […]

Warning Signs that Your Dog Has a Heart Problem

Warning Signs that Your Dog Has a Heart Problem A dog is at the vets office to check for heart issues.

Like people, dogs can suffer from heart issues; if the problems are serious, they can even die. Protect your dog’s heart health by knowing the common signs and causes, learning how to keep their heart strong, and what to do if a problem exists. There are several warning signs that your dog may have a […]

Silent But Deadly: Flatulence in Dogs

Silent But Deadly: Flatulence in Dogs A couple relaxing with their dogs when one of them suddenly passes awful smelling gas. Read more about flatulent dogs and why their gas smells so bad.

Has this ever happened to you? You and the family are sitting around, maybe watching TV, with the dog sleeping at your feet, and all is well. Then, without warning, it’s like a mustard gas attack as a terrible aroma fills the room. Everyone starts coughing and maybe clearing out, expressing their displeasure.The dog looks […]

Tips for Cleaning Up Pet Hair Around Your House

Tips for Cleaning Up Pet Hair Around Your House Parents of four-legged friends can struggle with the constant dog hair on furniture, floors, and other surfaces. Read here for tips on how to manage pet hair in your home.

There is only one downside to having a pet, and it’s a minor one: they shed—a lot. And depending on the breed of your pet, they can easily shed enough fur to create a small army of fur balls. But regardless of how much our pets shed, we still love them and wouldn’t trade them […]