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Why Is My Dog Drooling So Much?

Why Is My Dog Drooling So Much? A dog sits outside after a long walk, the heat causing him to drool more than usual. Monitor your pup for unusual symptoms that could point to more severe health issues.

Dogs are beloved for many reasons, from their unwavering loyalty to cute little tails. But of all the traits you love about your dog, her tendency to drool a lot probably isn’t one of them. You should be willing to forgive your pet’s drooling as a natural function that helps him eat and digest food. […]

Misconceptions About Shelter Dogs

The love of a dog is like no other. Deciding to get a dog is a big one, but you’ll be countlessly rewarded every single day you get to spend with your pup. However, the most significant decision is deciding where to get your dog. When getting a dog, you should always consider checking out […]

Bee Stings and Insect Bites

Bug bites and insect stings are a commonality for pet owners. Knowing how to recognize, treat and prevent bug bites is essential for owning a dog. It is crucial to focus on prevention, so consulting with your veterinarian to develop a treatment plan is recommended. Some areas, especially the southern states, can create an unpleasant […]

How to Find the Right Dog Walker

Your dog needs daily exercise to stay physically and mentally healthy, and if your schedule doesn’t allow you to hit the trail with your four-legged companion regularly, you may need to hire a dog walker. This isn’t a decision to make lightly: who you choose to walk your dog matters. Anybody can advertise themselves as […]

What Is Your Dog Telling You?

What Is Your Dog Telling You? Dog jumps on owner to beg for food

This Monday is Earth Day; an event initially started in 1970 by a U.S. senator to be a teaching event at schools and colleges, occurring every ten years. In 1990, it became an annual event and is now celebrated around the world. The senator’s intention was for people to educate each other about the environment, […]

How To Get Your Dog Back In Shape

How To Get Your Dog Back In Shape Overweight dog stands outside in the grass for exercise.

As many people know, the obesity epidemic in America doesn’t just affect humans; it extends to our canine companions as well. A 2015 study showed that 52.7% of dogs in the U.S are obese! This statistic is frightening, as obesity in dogs brings with it a whole host of problems like joint damage and immobility […]

How To Meet A Timid Dog & Gain Their Trust

How To Meet A Timid Dog & Gain Their Trust Timid dog cuddles in its owner’s arms because it’s scared.

When meeting any new dog, dog owners and pack leaders should approach with caution. Even if you are a dog expert, it is still best to take things slow and come at new dogs with a gentle, easy-going personality. You never know what they are going through or have been through, so it is always […]

Introducing Kids To A New Puppy

Introducing Kids To A New Puppy a girl holds her new puppy in the back yard

Kids and puppies have lots in common: They’re inquisitive, impatient, and easily excited! This is why it’s important to carefully supervise first encounters between a new puppy and your children. The rewards can be wonderful — a truly close bond and a lifelong love of dogs. But, if you don’t take precautions, a few mistakes […]

Summer Is Here – Tips For Your Dog

Summer Is Here – Tips For Your Dog Dog cools off from the summer heat by laying in the pool.

By Cesar Millan Happy summer to all my fans in the Northern Hemisphere! The season officially began on Friday, although my pack astronomer tells me it began late Thursday night in Los Angeles. In LA it’s hard to tell, though, because it seems like summer never ends here. In any case, it’s time to get […]

Ticking Time Bombs: The Diseases Carried By Ticks

Ticking Time Bombs: The Diseases Carried By Ticks

Odds are good that you will encounter a tick in the near future. And your dog has even better odds. After all, they spend a good portion of every day outside! Dogs are also prone to “off the trail” exploration. Since humans aren’t as hairy as other mammals, we stand a better chance of noticing […]