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Caring For Beagles

Caring For Beagles dog allergies - caring for beagles - cesar’s way

If you’re looking for a friendly, affectionate dog breed to add to your family, the Beagle may just be the perfect canine for you. Known for its gentle temperament and sweet personality, the Beagle makes a wonderful companion and great family pet. If you want to learn more about this intelligent, sweet-tempered breed, you have […]

7 Reasons To Adopt A Senior Dog

7 Reasons To Adopt A Senior Dog Adopting an older dog will benefit both you and them

According to most veterinarians, a dog falls into the “senior” category around age seven. The size of a dog, however, affects this categorization. Smaller dogs mature slower and become seniors later in life than larger dogs. Animal shelters are filled with healthy and active senior dogs that are in need of a home. When you’re […]

The History Of Beagles

The History Of Beagles

Beagle ancestors used for hunting Although there seems to be no reliable documentation about the early ancestry of Beagles, there are accounts of dogs of similar size being used to for hunting in Greece in the 5th century BCE. There was no formal name given to these dogs, however, they are considered to be the […]

Things My Dog Ate

Things My Dog Ate

Have you ever found something bizarre in your dog’s droppings or had to rush to the veterinarian because he ingested something that he shouldn’t have? Even the best-trained dogs have had days where they decided to munch on something outrageous. This is such a common problem that there have been entire shows, such as Nat […]

How To Get Started With Dog Agility Training

How To Get Started With Dog Agility Training A dog jumps a bar on his backyard agility course.

Many of the materials needed to craft a backyard agility course can be purchased at local hardware stores, yard sales, flea markets, or even found lying around your home.  Weave poles Dogwalk Standard jumps Pause table Tunnel Tire jump Teeter board A Basic Agility Course Has the Following Types of Obstacles Here’s How to Create […]

Hypoallergenic Dogs: Not So Allergy Friendly?

Hypoallergenic Dogs: Not So Allergy Friendly? A dog poses with a health mask on.

As one in five people in Western countries are said to show symptoms of dog allergies, hypoallergenic dogs have become increasingly popular throughout years. Dog lovers who experience itchy eyes and watery noses have sought out breeds such as the bichon frise, labradoodle, and poodle that are said to produce less dander and therefore make […]

How Jillian Michaels’s Dogs Keep Her Grounded

How Jillian Michaels’s Dogs Keep Her Grounded Jillian Michaels and Cesar Millan pose for a picture.

Jillian Michaels is no stranger to Cesar’s Way. The A-list trainer had Cesar help one of her dogs learn to coexist with her horse on an episode of “Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan” and has weighed in on important article topics, such as ways to incorporate your dog into your weight-loss routine. In addition to […]

Cali’s Tale: Once Bitten…

Like the majority of our dogs, Cali, the lovable chocolate Labrador owned by Connie and Mike Schmitt, loves playing outside in the backyard. This just happened to be the Schmitt family pup’s favorite pastime, until recently that is. In July of last year, a typical trip to the backyard brought Cali face-to-face with a venomous […]

Owning A Dog May Help Prevent Your Child From Developing Asthma

Owning A Dog May Help Prevent Your Child From Developing Asthma

A dog may be more than just a household pet — a new study suggests that they could be good for the health of your child as well. According to research conducted by the University of California, having a dog may help to prevent your baby from developing asthma. The study, led by Dr. Kei […]

Does breeding impact a dog’s behavior?

Does breeding impact a dog’s behavior? A group of different dogs play outside

Over the years, domestic dogs have been bred to showcase certain appearances. Through this process of selective breeding, a variety of breeds —from the tiny Chihuahua to the towering Great Dane — have been created. According to a recent study, selective breeding of domestic dogs not only alters the way a dog physically looks but […]