Baby Has Engrossing Conversation With Her Patient Bulldog

Everyone needs a friend who gets them. These friends are so important because they provide a safe outlet where you can voice yourself and be understood. Before we’re about to go to school to make connections with others, we have our home life. At home is where kids become friends with their parents, their siblings, and also their pets. While our parents are the friends that discipline us and our siblings are the friends that bully us, it’s our pets that love us unconditionally. 

And one little girl clearly had created a best friend bond with her English Bulldog. The two companions were caught having a very clear conversation in the living room. In the clip, Pixie is seen chatting away to her buddy. She is quite candid about everything going on in her mind. 

Her patient pet is more than happy to lend an ear and listen. He sits and watches as she babbles on, using her small hands to really emphasize what she’s trying to convey. While we don’t know exactly what she’s trying to say, it is quite clear from the video that these two have their own personal understanding.

Communication between kids and dogs is always something adorable to watch as it proves that true friendship doesn’t have to speak the same language to make sense. 

Watch Pixie and her pooch have their conversation below:

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