‘Barkery’ Food Truck In Seattle Serves Treats For Both Dogs And Their Owners

Things just got a little sweeter for the canine community.

Photo: Instagram / The Seattle Barkery

There is a food truck called The Seattle Barkery which specializes in selling delicious, handmade treats for dogs. Besides its canine clientele, the food truck also does a small menu for humans as well – but their main target audience is dogs.

Photo: Instagram / The Seattle Barkery

This is fantastic news for all dog owners out there who want to treat their pets to something special. Now, they can spend a nice day out with their pets, then take a stroll to the Barkery for a treat.

Photo: Instagram / The Seattle Barkery

The Seattle Barkery is owned and created by the dog-loving couple, Dawn and Ben Ford. The pair met while working in the restaurant business. Eventually, they went on to operate a dog-walking business together. And today, they have been able to mix the two worlds together in what is now the Seattle Barkery.

Photo: Instagram / The Seattle Barkery

Dawn was the one who originally thought up of The Barkery after numerous store-bought treats got recalled for safety reasons. Fed up by this, Dawn began to bake her own dog treats and giving them to the dogs that she walked. Her clients’ owners then began to buy the treats off Dawn, and so she began to ponder the idea of starting the Barkery.

The Barkery has now been in operation for five years, and the community’s response has been hugely positive. Dog owners are flocking to the food truck with their pets for some quality treats.

Photo: Instagram / The Seattle Barkery

The Barkery offers dogs a huge selection of treats such as duck necks or puppy pretzels – they even do cake orders as well!

Photo: Instagram / The Seattle Barkery

Dawn prepares most of the baked goods herself. She has a group of dedicated quality control in the form of her own three rescue dogs.

Rescue dogs are something very special to both Dawn and Ben, which is why 100% of the tips received at the Barkery are donated to Old Dog Haven and any leftover treats go directly to Seattle Animal Shelter.

The Barkery has its own Instagram where they share pictures of their treats as well as some of their customers enjoying those treats. You can follow them in order to stay up to date on their latest news.

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