Beagle Helps Mom Change The Baby’s Dirty Diaper

They say it takes a village to raise a baby – and one Irish couple found out that their dog was more than happy to pitch in with the dirty work when they had their infant daughter.

When Daniel and Julia had their daughter, Laura Olivia, their beagle Charlie ended up learning a new trick. As with many babies, diaper duty is something that never ceases. And when it comes to taking care of diapers, it always helps to have an extra set of hands – or in their case, an extra set of paws.

Charlie quickly became a diaper duty assistant. And the couple got him on camera helping out.

In the video, the adorable doggie was caught grabbing a fresh diaper in his mouth that he delivered to Julia, then after receiving a high-five, he’d grab the dirty diaper and then take it over to the trash can where he’d dispose of it.

And the gesture was certainly one of pure, unconditional love.

As Tamron Hall pointed out to TODAY, “Beagles have an incredible sense of smell and for him to dispose of that diaper, he really took one for the team.”

We truly don’t deserve our dogs – they’re too nice!

After he got rid of the dirty diaper, Charlie then got an on the lips kiss from Julia – something that made the TODAY’s anchors understandably feel icked out over.

“She had me right up until there,” Al Roker said.

Daniel and Julia had shared with TODAY how they wanted to use Charlie’s eagerness for learning new tricks to be put to use with the baby, in order for him to not feel so left out of the loop with the new family addition. Of course, the TODAY cast were quick to point out that instead of diapers, there were other things that the couple could have taught Charlie to do.

Natalie Morales said, “A little help around the house, vacuuming, a little mopping.”

While Al joked, “Charlie will do your taxes.”

Watch the video of diaper Charlie in action below:

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