Beagle Watches The Birds With His Best Buddy

Contrary to popular belief, dogs and cats can actually be more than just friends. They can be best friends. When I was a kid my family had two cats and a dog. And while the two cats didn’t always get along, my dog was best friends with both – especially the outdoor cat since she spent the most time with him. The pair napped together, chased butterflies together, and during barbecue season, they’d hustle us for handouts together. 

Cat and dog relationships are actually quite common. And each friendship is unique to the animal pairing as they all like to do different things together. For a 5-month-old beagle named Bo, his favorite activity to do with his feline buddy, Jasper, is watching the birds. 

Their owner managed to catch a very tender moment between the two on the sofa. And after they shared it on social media, the rest of the world was able to experience the beautiful moment. In the clip, little Bo clearly wants to play. But when he jumps up onto the couch, Jasper isn’t really feeling energetic. He’s too busy being a cat. This means his attention is focused on the birds that taunt him from the other side of the window.

Instead of leaving Jasper alone, the beagle chooses to sit with his friend and keep him company. Bo further shows his bestie some affection by putting his arm around the cat. It looks like he’s giving the feline a hug! Together, the two stare out the window and watch the world outside. It is an incredibly touching view that gives us all the feels. You can’t watch it without smiling. Animals are just too pure for this world.

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