The Bee Population Is Thriving While Humans Are In Lockdown

While people in quarantine are getting restless, the Earth is enjoying a much-needed reprieve. In particular, the bees are apparently seeing a reverse in the sharp decline of their populations. Yes!

Bees are an extremely important insect and their impact on the natural world is underestimated. Did you know that an estimated 80 percent of flowering plants and one-third of the world’s food supply is pollinated by bees? Crazy right!

Bees pollinate flowering plants, helping them to grow and produce food that we and other animals consume. They do this by transferring pollen from one flowering plant to another.

But bees have been having difficulty pollinating, until we got into lockdown…

Because we are staying home, there are fewer pollution particles from our cars flying around in the air. This helps the bees smell the plants that need to be pollinated more easily. Also, according to BBC, “Fewer cars on the roads means other benefits for bees too. The number of bee deaths is likely to fall as car journeys decrease during the lockdown, Brown notes. A 2015 study by Canadian researchers estimated that 24 billion bees and wasps are killed by vehicles on roads across North America every year.”

So while we are complaining about sitting on the couch inside all day, just know that nature is trying its best to restore itself!

In this week’s episode of Cesar Milan’s Animal News, the family features this amazing story as well as other heartwarming stories from around the globe.

For those of you that are unfamiliar with the show, Cesar Milan and his two sons (Andre and Calvin) break down the week into four sections:

1. Cesar answers a question that a fan has texted him. (If you want to have your questions answered, make sure to watch until the end of the video to get the phone number!)

2. HUMOR: Andre shares this week’s funny animal stories.

3. HOPE: Calvin shares this week’s inspiring animal stories.

4. HEART: Cesar shares this week’s heartfelt animal stories.

Make sure to check it out and let Cesar know what stories they should feature next week!

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