North Dakota Brewery Puts ‘Hard-To-Place’ Shelter Dogs On Their Beer Cans

A local brewery in Fargo, North Dakota is going something extraordinary to help rescue dogs find their forever homes – and we are totally here for it!

Fargo Brewing Company partnered with a local rescue group, 4 Luv of Dog Rescue, in order to highlight some of their harder-to-place dogs that they call their “One-der” dogs.

Jerad Ryan, a volunteer with 4 Luv of Dog, said to CNN affiliate KVRR. ” Our One-der dogs are dogs that will live their best life in a home by themselves and there’s no other pets,” Jerad Ryan, a volunteer with 4 Luv of Dog. So, they can be a little bit tougher to find homes for, foster homes, that type of thing.”

This creative idea comes at the perfect time when shelters across the US are experiencing capacity. In Atlanta, Georgia, LifeLine Animal Project has waved their pet adoption fees across two shelters due to the influx of animals.

“Just last week, 358 animals entered our Dekalb County Animal Services and Fulton County Animal Services shelters,” the group posted on Facebook on October 29. “This week, 123 animals have arrived so far.”

The animals in our shelters need your help. Just last week, 358 animals entered our Dekalb County Animal Services and…

Posted by LifeLine Animal Project on Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Ryan explained to CNN that he’s been a volunteer with the North Dakota rescue group for over four years, and the “One-der” dogs have a special place in his heart – particularly Bizzy, who he fostered.

“I was always trying to think of ways to promote her and the other less fortunate dogs in our rescue,” Ryan stated. “At my job at Northern Plains Label we produce labels for breweries, and I just had the light bulb style idea to feature the dogs on beer cans.”

The six chosen dogs to be featured on the beer cans are Nyx, Bizzy, Jensen, Hobie, Moby and Virginia. The community was invited to a special event on Monday night at the brewery where they were given a chance to purchase a six-pack of the Fargo Original Larger for $9, as well as meet one of the dogs up for adoption.

Tawny Hewitt, who works as the brewery’s social media and marketing manager, told CNN they had 40 cases with the special labels made, and during their event Monday night, they managed to sell 25 of them. The public can still purchase a six-pack through the end of the week, and a portion of the proceeds will go to the rescue group.

“We hope that having these dogs featured on the cans will help raise awareness and shine a spotlight on them where they might normally have been overlooked,” Fargo Brewing Company said to CNN in a statement.

Ryan has commented on the response from the community as being heart-warming and amazing.

Ryan said, “This really has been great exposure for these harder to adopt dogs, and I would be surprised if this doesn’t lead to an adoption or two.”

The Nebraska Humane Society, as well as the Louisiana SPCA, have also reduced their adoption fees in an attempt to lower the number of animals in their shelters.

Now is a time that is more important than ever to adopt rather than shop. Plus, it’s so important to spay and neuter your pets.

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