Bertie The Pomeranian Always Gets Confused For A Baby Bear

Dogs are undoubtedly adorable. But there is something about small dogs that is just extra cute. Perhaps it’s the fact that everything about them is miniature-sized. They have tiny paws, little faces, small tails, etc. Everything is mini and it’s cute. My favorite part of any dog show is always seeing the toy dog category. The dogs are all so small and sassy the way they strut around in all their cuteness. And it also helps that many of them are groomed and made to look their best. Small dogs definitely adorable, and they easily charm their way into our hearts. 

And one little brown Pomeranian, in particular, has definitely turned heads and melted hearts online with his very unique style. The little ball of fluff can only be described as looking like a miniature brown bear cub. But he’s not, he’s 100% an actual dog. The now Insta-famous dog is called Bertram, but everyone just knows him as Bertie. And we have to admit, even his name is irresistibly adorable. 

Given how cute he is, it’s easy to see why the internet has become besotted with him. You just want to scoop him up and cuddle him! And we can only imagine how soft he must be to cuddle – that fur of his just looks absolutely luscious. Plus, it also helps a lot that his owner likes to dress him up. And everyone definitely appreciates a dressed-up dog. But there is something about small dogs in clothes that is extra precious, probably because they’re like little furry dolls. 

Given that he is such a well-dressed pup, Bertie is known to get to show off his sense of style quite often in public. Since he’s so small, Bertie will often go places with his owner. We can only imagine the joy that he brings to the people he meets while out and about in public. While this happy little pooch might be living his best life in style now, he has definitely come a long way. Bertie didn’t always have the glamorous life that he leads now. He was adopted through Petfinder from a shelter that was out in Oklahoma. But he left the country shelter life behind and traded that in for the big city life. Bertie has become a New Yorker. He is bringing lots of cuteness and sass to the Big Apple.

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