Blind Pug And His Seeing-Eye Chihuahua Looking For A Home

There is a blind pug named Augie who gets around with the help of his best friend and seeing-eye dog, Pepe, a Chihuahua. The pair are searching for their forever home through a Greeley, Colorado animal rescue. And obviously, the duo must stay together.

12-year-old Augie and Pepe both ended up with the Colorado Pug Rescue in August 2019 due to their owner’s illness becoming terminal. After a lengthy foster care stay, these two are ready for a forever home.

One of the volunteers, Cyndi Trimber, shared with FOX31 Denver, “It was kind of like a package deal. When Augie came, [Pepe] came with him. They’ve been taken from the only home they knew and they’re thrown into another home. They really had to depend on each other to get through it.”

Cyndi is also currently their foster mom and has seen first-hand, just how deep their bond runs.

“They sleep together, they eat together. It’s really sweet they depend on each other like that,” she explained.

Over the last while, Augie’s dependence on Pepe has really increased. After the pair were brought in to the rescue, it was discovered that Augie had a heart murmur. Concerned, he was sent to see a heart specialist and undergo an echocardiogram. Fortunately for Augie, the vet concluded that his murmur was nothing serious.

However, he then developed a mild case of pneumonia. which was then treated with some antibiotics and cough medicine. Once he was better, the pug then had to be put under anesthesia in order to undergo a surgery for preexisting dental and optical issues.

While Augie had been blind most of his life, the poor pug had to have his eyes removed, as well as get major dental surgery – all which ended up costing the rescue group $3,100.

Cyndi relayed, “It racked up a really huge bill. I went to pick him up and I’m like, ‘Holy!’ We’re a foster group. How are we going to afford this?”

The Colorado Pug Rescue is hoping they can count on the kindness of strangers to help donate money towards Augie’s vet bill. If you feel like you can contribute, you can help by clicking here.

And if there is anyone interested in giving Augie and Pepe a new home, you should click here to contact the rescue. But it should be noted, these two are a packaged deal and you can’t get one without the other.

Watch the video below:

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