Border Collie Tricks People Walking By Into Playing Ball With Her

Border Collies are some of the smartest dog breeds in the world. This is easy to see in the way they easily learn complicated tricks. They’re amazing dogs.

There is a border collie in particular who was extra bright. Sue, the border collie, lives in The Netherlands with her owner, Kelly Dobbe. Together, they live on a street that sees a lot of foot traffic.

Photo: Instagram/Sue the Dog

For Sue, all these different people going by are all potential playmates. However, she needed to figure out a way to convey to passersby that she wanted them to toss her soccer ball for her.

While most people just walk past her, Sue really wanted someone to stop and be a friend. That is when this clever dog came up with a brilliant way of asking pedestrians to play with her. It actually bordered on trickery, but it was so cute because it was Sue.

Photo: Instagram/Sue the Dog

With nobody looking, Sue would grab her soccer ball then stand up on her back legs so that she could drop it over the fence into the street. Then she would wait for someone to come by and toss it back over the fence for her.

Of course, there were plenty of strangers who fell into her well-planned trap. And who could blame them? A dog needing their ball returned to them over the fence would get us all. And Sue continued this routine. Once someone came along and returned her ball, she would wait till they were out of eyesight, only to toss her ball back to the wrong side of the fence – setting her trick for the next unsuspecting human. But sometimes she would get lucky and there would be someone willing to toss the ball a few extra times before eventually moving on.

Photo: Instagram/Sue the Dog

Whether or not people realized they were being tricked was not the point. It was nice that everyone seemed willing to come to Sue’s aid and do her a solid by returning her ball. There was even an instance of the police stopping to return the ball for Sue.

Photo: Instagram/Sue the Dog

And Sue’s desire to play a game of fetch was constant – rain or shine. The lovely thing was that those in her community were only happy to oblige her whatever the weather happened to be.

Kelly eventually caught on to what her sneaky pup was doing and managed to capture many different video clips – eventually putting them into a video montage of her doggie shenanigans. As one can imagine, they were an instant hit on social media, as many people were impressed by Sue’s cleverness. She even has her own Instagram page, Sue.the.Dog., where you can keep up to date on her prolonged game of fetch.

Photo: Instagram/Sue the Dog

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