Boy Breaks Down When His Parents Get A New Puppy

For those of us who grew up with dogs, there is one moment that will always stick with us: the first moment that we met our four-legged best friend. I got my first and only dog when I was seven years old. My mom and I had spent a whole week going every single day to the local pound. One of the days we found this adorable black and white speckled cocker spaniel who seemed like the perfect fit for our family. We then expressed our interest in adopting her but there were several other families who were interested. We were put on a waitlist, but in the end, it wasn’t meant to be. We got a phone call the next day saying that she’d been adopted by someone else. My mom and I continued to go to the shelter looking for our dog. Then one day, we saw her in a corner kennel. At first, we didn’t really weren’t that interested, but after two days of going to see her and getting to know her, we knew she was ours. Someone else had also expressed interest in her, but that fell through and we got the call we’d been wanting: the little black dog was officially ours. The moment that she came home was a moment that I will never forget.

And one adorable young boy had a similar moment when he was presented with his very own small puppy. The video captured the minute that two best friends were introduced, and it definitely pulls at the heartstrings. The footage begins with a very excited young boy waiting for his new puppy to arrive. He’s practically dancing around the house before he races out the door when he sees a car pull up in the driveway. He performed a silly little crab walk towards the car and then hops around some more, desperate to meet his new puppy. Getting out of the car, the woman tells the boy to close his eyes. He does and the woman then makes him hold out his hands in a steady manner in order to be able to hold him. She places the tiny little puppy in his arms and lets him open up his eyes. 

The expression on his face is pure bliss! He’s so happy and tickled pink to have his new bestie. As he looks up at the camera, holding his puppy close, you just know that this will be a moment that he relives for the rest of his life.

Watch the magical moment below:

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