Boy Falls To The Floor When He Sees His Missing Dog

When I was a kid we lost the family dog for all of ten minutes. When we were coming home from school my mom had driven into the garage and closed the door, not realizing that our dog had gotten out into the alleyway. After we went inside the house, we noticed that Bonita wasn’t anywhere in the yard. But luckily, she was a smart dog and went around the alleyway to the front of the house where she was waiting for my frantic mother to find her. That was the extent of my experience with having a lost pet, and thankfully the experience did not go beyond the scope of ten minutes. 

For other families, they end up losing their dogs and they’re properly gone for days or even weeks. There are those lost dogs that end up being gone for even longer or others that do not return at all. It is always a scary feeling when you realize that your beloved dog has somehow managed to escape from home. 

It’s a very scary feeling for dog owners to wonder if they will ever see their beloved fur babies. After all, there is always that horrible possibility that they won’t ever make it back home or that they’ll make it home with some kind of major injury. When a dog goes missing it quickly becomes a race against the clock to make sure that they come back. 

And for one young boy, it was an emotional reunion when he came home from school one day to see that his missing dog had made it home safe and sound. At first when he walked through the door it took him a moment to realize that the dog was actually home. When it finally clicked it became a very emotionally charged moment as he fell to his knees embracing his furry friend once more. 

This one will definitely give you all the feels so grab some tissues before viewing the video below:


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