Boy Gets The Flu And Doesn’t Want Anyone To Comfort Him Except His Pit Bull

In 2015, a dog named Riddick experienced a trauma when he was flung out of a moving vehicle. Rescue Dogs Rock NYC came to his aid, and after some healing time, he was put up for adoption. It didn’t take long for Bryan Junior and his wife to come across his picture on Facebook, where they quickly fell in love with him. The pair adopted Riddick in August 2015, and he quickly became an important member of the family.

Photo: The Dodo / Bryan Junior

A year or so after adopting Riddick, the couple welcomed their baby boy named Dawson. As soon as Dawson arrived him from the hospital, Riddick, along with the family’s other pit bull, Cambria, became obsessed with him.

Junior said to The Dodo, “We would call them the paw patrol. If the baby cried, the two of them would come running inside to check on him. Every time he woke up from a nap we would say, ‘Baby Dawson is awake,’ and they would run in. They sit with us every night to this day when we read him a bedtime story, Cambria usually on my lap and Riddick on the floor. Dawson kisses them both good night and we put him to bed.”

Photo: The Dodo / Bryan Junior

Dawson’s equally obsessed with his canine siblings as he enjoys climbing all over them, cuddling with them, as well as feeding Riddick and Cambria whenever he gets the chance.

Photo: The Dodo / Bryan Junior

Earlier this year, Dawson came down with the flu. It was the first time he’s ever been properly really sick, so it was only natural that the small boy felt miserable. And it was no surprise that while he was running his fever, he wanted absolutely nothing to do with anyone – except for Riddick.

“He crawled up onto the ottoman with Riddick and was just holding him,” Junior said. “You could tell Riddick knew he wasn’t feeling well and laid with him. He [Dawson] tossed and turned a bit and about 30 minutes later passed out cold for over an hour. Riddick never moved.”

Photo: The Dodo / Bryan Junior

Riddick was the only one who could comfort a sick Dawson. And of course, Riddick was only more than happy to help, being attentive and sticking by Dawson’s side. Junior and his wife were only happy to see how sweet and protective Riddick is with Dawson.

“Riddick is the most well-tempered, chill dog you could ask for,” Junior said. “He’s just gentle, loving and tolerant of anything. Everyone loves Riddick. He’s just the pup you always wish for.”

Photo: The Dodo / Bryan Junior

Once Dawson was feeling better, he was back to normal – running around and playing with his two favorite dogs. He’s a lucky little boy to have pets who care so much.


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