Boy Recreates Photo From First Day Of School And Graduation

The age-old saying of “time waits for no one” is so true. When we’re young the passage of time is such a different concept to how it is when we get older. It seems like each year that we get older, the time seems to speed up. When we hit milestones in our lives, such as our high graduation, looking back is almost surreal. How could all that time have flown by?

When one boy named Dylan graduated, his mother wanted to make sure to create a memory of the momentous occasion. And the best way she knew how, was to recreate a photo of him with the family dog, Ruger. 

Photo: Cori Bliss

Dylan and Ruger were best friends. The two practically grew up together since Dylan was a small child when his family got Ruger as a puppy. And Ruger was a faithful companion who was there for all the big moments in Dylan’s life, including his very first day of school. 

That is why Dylan’s mom felt it would be the perfect memento to recreate their picture together from Dylan’s first school day. And the results were a bittersweet reflection of how much time had elapsed between that moment and his graduation from high school.

How many of you have had similar moments with your pets? Anyone else recreate special milestones with your pets? Let us know!

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