Brave Man Jumps Into An Icy Pond To Save A Drowning Dog

We all don’t know how we’d react in a life or death situation. While we all want to think that we’d do the right thing and help someone in need if there was ever a need, the reality is that sometimes emergency situations can cause people to freeze up. It’s all totally normal. Just like it’s normal for some people to spring into action when they’re faced with a situation that requires a quick reaction. 

When it came to the rescue of one dog who was stuck in a frozen pond, there was one man in Simferopol, Crimea who was ready to take action in order to save a life. The little dog in need had managed to somehow wind up in the freezing waters of the Gagarin pond. 

And this rescue was definitely a nail biter since it was a race against time to get the dog out of the water before it succumbed to the cold. The poor dog was unable to get its footing and as a result, was just aimlessly paddling around in the middle of the pond. 

It was that he was getting tired and would soon be unable to keep afloat. That is when the Good Samaritan passing by decided to lend a hand. Without any second thought to himself and his own comfort, he got into the pond to rescue the pup and get him back to safety. 

Watch the heartfelt rescue below:

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