Bride Carries Her Dying Dog Down The Aisle On Her Wedding Day

Weddings are supposed to be joyful occasions where you mark a commitment to someone that you want to love for the rest of your life. They’re occasions that are filled with love and plenty of happiness. And there are many people who will often choose to include all their loved ones in the day – including their beloved fur babies. And as animal lovers ourselves, we can’t picture it being a real wedding without a special appearance from that first love in your life: your dog. Dogs are often honored guests at the weddings of their humans. It makes perfect sense for them to be there since they’re family too. Plus, our dogs are often times the first example of unconditional love that enters our lives before our partners do. And having them by our side when we tie the knot is a very special and happy occasion as it’s bringing a family together. 

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But for Kelly O’Connell, her wedding day wasn’t just about the joy of getting married. It was also a bittersweet occasion, as it was the last big milestone of her life that her beloved 15-year-old Black Lab, Charlie Bear, would ever get to witness. Kelly’s wedding occurred around the same time that she was making peace with the fact that Charlie Bear would soon be passing away.

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The sweet old dog had been diagnosed with a brain tumor in April. He didn’t have long, but at least he made it to see Kelly get married. The dog later passed away on the 9th of September.

Photo: Facebook

At the wedding, the elderly and sick Charlie Bear needed help getting down the aisle so that he could be by Kelly’s side on her big day. It was her maid of honor, her sister, Katie Lloyd, who stepped up and carried the big pup down the aisle as he couldn’t make it himself. The wedding photographer, Jen Dziuvenis of JenDz Photography, was able to capture all the tender moments that occurred between owner and dog. As Jen confessed, she was a wreck behind the camera – completely moved to tears. But the results were breathtaking as she managed to capture some very beautiful pictures.

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