Bride Has Her Wedding Party Hold Rescued Dogs Instead Of Flowers As They Walk Down The Aisle

When people get married, the bridal party often carry bouquets of flowers down the aisle. It’s tradition. But lately, people have been more willing to stray away from tradition in favor of whatever makes them happy. And one Texas couple decided that what would make them happiest would be to have the wedding party share their walk down the aisle with some adorable little shelter pups. 

“I’ve seen people do that on Facebook and we’re just really big animal lovers,” the bride, Scarlett Preston, said to The Weatherford Democrat. “It’s just kind of our own spin on things and we wanted to do something important to us.”

Photo: Facebook/Scarlett Preston

Scarlett and her husband, Adam Preston, decided to get in touch with their local rescue, Saving Hope Animal Rescue, in order to feature some adoptable doggies on their big day. 

For McKenzie Smith, the shelter’s administrator, this wasn’t the first time a couple had reached out to get dogs for their big day. Unfortunately, during that previous engagement, the plans had fallen through. But she was quite pleased that Scarlett and Adam’s partnering with the shelter followed through and happened. 

Smith arranged for pooches of all sizes to join the festivities. She explained, “We took seven of these little Boxer puppies and they had so much fun. We have had somebody reach out to do a wedding before, but it didn’t come to fruition. So this is the first time that we’ve actually done a wedding and it was so fun and so cute.”

Photo: Facebook/Scarlett Preston

Another special touch was Scarlet made sunflower collars for the puppies to wear as the bridesmaids carried them down the aisle with them. The results were just too cute! After the big day, Smith mentioned that there was some interest expressed in some of the dogs – something that both Scarlett and Adam really wanted to see happen. 

Scarlett was thankful that the rescue was willing to accommodate her plan for her wedding. Scarlett’s motivation to have dogs at her wedding was inspired by her own beloved Boston terrier who’d sadly passed away. She wanted him to be at her wedding but because of his passing, she decided to honor his memory by trying to help shelter dogs find their forever home. 

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