Bulldog Flashes His Puppy Eyes For A Spot On His Owner’s Bed

When we first got our dog, my mom had a rule: she could sleep anywhere she wanted in the house, except for the sofa. My mom had just bought a brand-new sofa that she had saved up for. It was her pride and joy. That is why she didn’t want the dog on the couch. She also didn’t want us eating or drinking anything on the sofa either, which was fair, I was a pretty clumsy kid. Whenever our dog came inside the house, she naturally gravitated towards the new, plush sofa. She wanted to nap on the good couch. At first, my mom resisted and kept trying to get her to understand that her cushy dog bed beside the sofa was where she was supposed to sleep. But my dog just kept on trying, wearing down my mom with those big, sad eyes. It also didn’t help that my dad and I would always sneak her onto the sofa when my mom wasn’t around. Eventually, my mom was worn down by my dog’s big puppy dog eyes. And that is how the good sofa just became a regular old sofa in our home. 

Much like my story, there are many other dog owners that have to contend with their dogs manipulating them using the power of their big, brown eyes. It’s truly impossible to resist those big pleading eyes. You almost have to be heartless in order to say no to your dog when they want something. Our dogs are smart, there is no way they don’t know the power that they hold over us. This is why it’s always so funny to watch videos by other dog owners who are shown to be giving in to their own dogs’ wishes. 

One video filmed by a dog owner shows just how hard it is to resist his canine’s puppy dog eyes. When Titon the bulldog is ready for bed, he has already made up his mind of where he wants to sleep. He wants to be right beside his dad in bed. Sadly for Titon, the initial answer is no. But then Titon turns on the irresistible charm. I mean, how can anyone say no to those big brown eyes in the video below:

How many times have you ever wanted to say no to your dog but then end up giving in? Let us know!

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