Bulldog Gives A Walk-Through Tour Of His Custom Dog House

How many of us have home pride? There is something nice about being able to show off our abodes. Many of us are proud of where we live and the care and efforts that we put into fixing up our place. No matter how big or small our space might be, it’s the heart and soul that goes into it that counts. I’m currently living in a little one-bedroom duplex, but I’m still proud of all the effort I’ve put into it. And the same can be said for our pets. Even though they may just live in a little doghouse, they have every right to be proud of their homes.

And there is one adorable bulldog named Eggnog who is feeling quite accomplished with the masterpiece that is his house. And we can totally understand why he is such a proud homeowner. His house is the gold standard when it comes to doggie homes. It has everything a dog would want in a home. It has a ramp that leads up to his owners’ bed. It also has a spigot and a water dish. He’s got a very full toy chest – one that would make any other dog jealous. But perhaps the coolest thing about Eggnog’s home is the technology. While the rest of the canine world is stuck in 2020, Eggnog is already living in the 3000s with his interior lighting that changes colors – thanks to the fact that it’s hooked up to Amazon’s Alexa. He’s clearly very ahead of all the other dogs.

But more than just that, Eggnog has also included some personal touches of his own – like the garbage chic aesthetic that he’s brought to the place. One of the décor highlights that he has included in his home is an old tattered water bottle. It doesn’t matter that he’s got a whole bunch of brand-new toys to play with, he apparently insists on keeping this bottle around for both decorative and functional uses. Guess one can’t be too mad at his taste in decoration.

Eggnog is already a star in both Instagram and Facebook, so you can follow him for all his latest decorating tips and tricks. What do you think of the pup’s unique little home? Is it not just the cutest? Let us know if you’d do something like this for your dog!

Watch as he gives a home tour of his pad below:

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