Bulldog Tries To Warn The Victims From The ‘Bad Guys’ In Horror Movies

Everyone has different reactions to horror movies. Most of us cringe and jump when something scary happens in a film. Some of us refuse to watch scary movies at all because their content is that disturbing. And then there are the people who are absolute horror movie fanatics. But no matter how we might have different reactions to horror films, nothing beats the way one adorable bulldog reacted to seeing a scary movie on the TV.

Meet Khaleesi the Bulldog is a horror film fanatic. In fact, she enjoys watching the nail-biting flicks so much, that she’s become familiar with the classic tropes used in the movies. And as a result, she’s become adept at anticipating when the jump scares will happen – and the sweet dog will actually try to warn the characters in the films! How precious is that?

In a video, you can see Khaleesi as she enjoys The Conjuring. For those who haven’t seen it, it’s basically a scary movie about a family who moves into a house haunted by a demonic presence. While watching, Khaleesi was able to pinpoint the moment that the demon would appear to one of the characters, and actually began barking. Surprisingly, throughout the rest of the film, she was quite calm. 

Of course, when the video of her watching the movie went viral, she got a lot of attention from of horror movie fanatics. Perhaps the best comment on the video was when someone said, “Calm down, dog. I’ve been yelling at dumbasses in horror movies for years. It never helps. They’re dead.” No truer words there. 

Khaleesi the Bulldog is quite a connoisseur of TV and film all around – something that has made her quite popular. And as it turns out, her favorite movie of all time is Benji. No surprise there. And besides horror films, Khaleesi’s taste in TV ranges from National Geographic, American Horror Story, and, surprisingly enough, commercials! But her hobbies don’t end there, they also include naps.

A bulldog after my own heart. Watch her adorable reaction to The Conjuring below:

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