Bunny And Beagle Are Best Buddies That Love To Snuggle Together

Tale as old as time, Bunny and the Beagle. Two very adorable friends are living their best life up in Seattle, Washington. 6-year-old Chloe the Beagle is best friends with 1-year-old Rue, a rabbit.

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SMILE bunny its the WEEKEND 🐶🐰

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The pair also share their space with another rabbit as well as two guinea pigs, but they are incredibly close to one another. As their owner, Megan Cottone, shared with the Daily Mail, the two have personalities that mix well together, and she attributes that to the success of their deep bond.

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Hopping in a winter wonderland ❄️

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The little bunny, Rue, is very outgoing and easily trusting – traits that are a bit out of the ordinary for a rabbit. Meanwhile, Chloe shows that she’s got plenty of patience, as well as a very chill persona, making them the perfect pairing of friends.

The two of them go on plenty of adventures together since they both can walk on a leash. Additionally, they also spend a lot of time cuddling in their shared bed. Overall, the two just like to be in each other’s company.

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Take in the mountain air bunny ⛰

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Meagan explained, “They love to sleep and cuddle together. But they also go on a lot of trips to explore the world.”

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Theres a whole world worth exploring out there bunny 🌎

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Both Chloe and Rue are very loyal to one another and have shown their loyalty on various occasions. Chloe once kept Rue safe from a pack of dogs who mistook the little bunny for a potential chew toy. The beagle fiercely defended her friend, giving Rue a chance to run for safety. Thankfully, both pets were able to put that encounter in their past, and neither animal was harmed.

Their bond has certainly drawn a lot of attention from people everywhere, who think the pairing is just so precious. As a result, their joint Instagram account has seen a spike in followers, with the Beagle and the Bunny amassing more than 22,000 followers!

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