Bus Driver Saved Two Lost And Freezing Dogs

Not all heroes wear capes. Some work for the Milwaukee County Transit System. Bus driver Jamie Grabowski was finishing up her bus route one evening around midnight when she noticed something along the road on her drive back to the depot. Curious, Grabowski pulled over and that is when she spotted two dogs. Immediately the kind-hearted bus driver knew that she had to help them. 

Opening up the bus doors, she managed to coax them onto her vehicle and the three of them headed back home. On the drive, Grabowski contacted transit dispatch in order to give them a heads up to the situation. Grabowski is a dog person and has even described herself as a “dog whisperer,” so she felt compelled to help the lost dogs find their owners. 

She said to CNN news affiliate WITI, “It was meant to be for me to find these dogs.”

This bud driver was key in helping get these dogs back to their worried owners. After she arrived back at bus station, the waiting police officer was able to take the two dogs to the Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control Commission. While there, the staff managed to track down the pair’s family. The two dogs’ owner, Stephanie Gomez, had been worried sick after letting her dogs out for a potty break only to realize they had run off. The pair were picked up by Grabowski nearly two-and-a-half miles from their home.

Fortunately for Gomez, the kindness of a stranger was instrumental in bringing her fur babies back to her. And the woman was so grateful to the bus driver. Definitely a very lucky break!

Dogs go missing each and every day. While we may not be lucky enough to have a bus driver safely return our pets, one way to keep them safe is with Cesar’s new Halo Dog Collar. These life-changing safety systems are available today only and come with a GPS locator so you can keep track of your pet.

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