Cafe In Australia Lets You To Play With Adoptable Puppies While You Drink Coffee

There are more and more establishments that are dog-friendly. But those are great for people who already have dogs of their own whom they want to bring along – but what about the rest of us who don’t have dogs to bring around with us? What can we do?

But the good news is that one Queensland, Australia café has got you covered. They will actually provide you with a dog to hang out with – and not just any dog, a puppy!

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Introducing…. Caramel, Jaffa, Toblerone, Cherry, Rolo, Twix & Toffee 🐶 Our new friends from Animal Rescue Queensland! ❤️ These 7 orphaned border collie pups will be slowly introduced into our puppy socialisation sessions from this week. They will start this week with some play time on their own where you can happily sit and watch them play and interact with each other. Then next week we will move them into the cuddle space, where you can finally come and cuddle one of these beautiful little babies. We will need your help to socialise these babies to all different people from all different walks of life daily at 7am, 10am and 1pm. Remember to make a reservation at 😍 And If you’d like to enquire about adopting one of these babies, please fill in the details here and ARQ will be in contact.

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Just outside of Brisbane is Samford Village, where Collies and Co. opened their café and restaurant. And, the establishment comes fully stocked with Border Collie puppies.

The owners of Collies and Co. have partnered with Zaryliam Border Collies and Animal Rescue Queensland in order to hold three puppy cuddle sessions per day. The times of each session are 7 am, 10 am and 1 pm – and all sessions last one hour.

As the café has written, “These cuddle sessions are open to anyone, however, once we have reached maximum seating capacity we aren’t able to take any further walk-ins to our sessions. Our socialization sessions are short and are designed to coincide with the puppy’s natural awake and playful times.”

They added, “Trained animal attendants including two qualified vet nurses, plan and oversee the sessions, monitor the interactions and closely watch for any signs of stress or fatigue. We encourage you to ask our attendants questions, get a cute photo and enjoy playing and socializing with the puppies.”

Can your morning brunch get any better you ask? Why yes. Yes, it can.

Those in charge have expressed their decision as a result of their desire to mix their two loves together. Apparently they found it difficult to run a new restaurant while also keeping up with their hobby of breeding pedigree Border Collies. So, they chose to make a few changes.

The café wrote, “So we began transforming the property so it could accommodate the puppies during the day while we were working in the cafe. Quickly we saw the amazing opportunity this presented for our baby puppies, we could socialize them to traffic, different types of people, sounds, crowds, children, tradesmen, the list was endless. We also started to see the impact the puppies (and adult dogs) would have on our visitors.”

So, if you have never had a reason to visit Queensland before, I think we just found it for you.


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