Canine Retirement Center Lets Older Dogs Live Out Their Golden Years

We have nursing home facilities for the elderly who need the constant care that their families may not be able to provide or afford at home. It’s not unusual for elderly people to go into retirement homes or nursing homes when they reach a certain age – especially if they don’t have any family to care for them. And there is one non-profit retirement center in Upper Freehold Township, New Jersey that is dedicated to helping the elderly. But these aren’t older human beings, they’re dogs!

Marty’s Place is the retirement home for older dogs who need a comfortable place to live out the rest of their golden years. And it sounds absolutely lovely, it’s clear that the work they do is important to them. On their website, they’ve described themselves as “a safe, loving, and protected environment for senior dogs that do not have homes.” Marty’s Place will only take in dogs who are 7 years old or older. While at Marty’s Place these senior pups are provided with “ample living space, human and canine companionship, consistent medical and dental care, as well as access to physically and mentally stimulating activities suited to their age and abilities.”

If that already sounds wonderful, it gets even better. The center boasts some doggie amenities that sound absolutely luxuries like walking trails, an indoor pool, groom and bathing stations, plus an actual doggie rec room where the pups can do everything from relaxing to socializing or exercising. It definitely sounds like the dogs who end up there hit the doggie retirement lotto! The center has room for 40 dogs, but they also actively allow/encourage their seniors to either be fostered or adopted.

Marty’s takes in senior dogs from all different situations such as displacement, medical or health struggles, or senior dogs whose families have experienced financial troubles. Besides providing elderly dogs a second chance, the founder of Marty’s Place, Doreen Jakubcak, said that they wanted to change people’s outlooks on senior dogs. She also shared with ABC7, “When we commit to a dog that comes to Marty’s Place they do have a forever home. That forever home can be here at the sanctuary and, when we can, we try to place a dog into a new adoptive home.”

According to, Jakubcak worked in the tech industry for 25 years before retiring and starting her “second career” by opening Marty’s Place, a passion project inspired by her own senior pooch, Marty. He came to Jakubcak and her husband, Mike, following the loss of their previous two dogs. She said they were in an “emotionally spent” state when Marty arrived in their lives, and while she didn’t think she’d be adopting again so quickly, they took him in. The rescue center has been running since 2015, powered mainly by donations and sponsorships from the public. But it’s wonderful to see a rescue that is dedicated to the elderly dogs – they deserve a wonderful place to spend the rest of their golden years!

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