Cat Gets Emotional When She Reunites With Her Blind Dog Buddy

Cats often get a bad rap for being aloof and standoffish animals. But anyone who has ever owned a cat knows that this isn’t true. Cats are actually pretty warm and affectionate – they just have very strict boundaries about when they show these affections. 

Another misconception is that cats and dogs are mortal enemies. But again, anyone who has owned both a cat and a dog under the same roof knows that they are often the best of friends – even if the cat tends to be a bit of a bully sixty-percent of the time. 

But one dog and cat owner, recorded a video that shows just how deeply these two animals can bond – proving that cats do in fact have a very soft and vulnerable side to them. When the owner of Jasper the cat and Coco the dog received a new job offer, it came with some strings. The woman would have to move a few hours away for a little bit. Because of this, she decided that she’d bring Coco with her, since Coco is blind and needed a little bit more attention.

Jasper went to stay with his owner’s daughter for a little bit while the owner briefly relocated for work. The owner knew that Jasper and Coco were friends, but she had no idea just how close the two were until she moved back and had a little reunion for the two best friends. 

Deciding it would be cute to record the moment, the woman began filming. Jasper had not seen Coco in about a month, and experienced quite an emotional reaction to seeing the canine again. 

As it turned out, watch day that the dog was not with Jasper, the cat would sit by the back door as though waiting for Coco to appear. When Coco finally did, it was quite the emotional moment for little Jasper – as well as for everyone watching the sweet reunion.

The video just proved to those who don’t think that dogs and cats can be friends that in fact they can be best friends. It was clear by Jasper’s reaction that something had been missing in his life up until that point. And it was so heartwarming to watch these two best friends be able to get back to life as normal together. 

In fact, Jasper is somewhat of a seeing-eye cat for Coco, since the feline often follows the blind dog around in order to guide her. Cats truly do have much more love and empathy than they’re given credit for. Watch the adorably close friendship between Jasper and Coco below:

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