Cat Gives An Emotional Sendoff To Her Best Friend After He Gets Adopted

Unfortunately in life, we all must keep moving forward on our journeys. Nothing ever stays the same as much as we might want it to. We all experience changes as we grow up, leave home, meet significant others, and just start our own paths. This includes friendships as well. Not to say that all friendships end, but the ones that last are the ones that can adapt to the changes life throws our way.

Photo: asherthestafford

We all wish we could be with our friends 24/7 but that is not always what life has planned for us. We can’t always be a stone’s throw away from our best friends as much as we’d like to. Sometimes, they move away and we have to adjust to the change. Even our pets are not spared the heartache of having to say goodbye to a friend that is moving away.

For Ms. Cheerio and Elvis, the day inevitably came when they too had to part ways. Ms. Cheerio the cat had cared for Elvis every since he was a puppy. But it was only supposed to be a temporary thing. Eventually, Elvis was to go off to his forever home.

Photo: asherthestafford

Ms. Cheerio’s owner, Corrinne Minnard, explained that the rescue cat was frequently around the family’s show dogs. When one of the dogs became pregnant with a litter of 9 puppies, Ms. Cheerio was around for that and became involved in the rearing of the pups – particularly Elvis. The two of them deeply bonded as Elvis was the last of the puppies to go off to his forever home with a brand new family. 

Naturally, the friends were sad to say goodbye to one another. But they had a lovely moment of saying goodbye. And there is no doubt that they won’t miss one another. 

It definitely makes you want to reach for a tissue:

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