Cat Pulls Prank On Confused Dog By Hiding In The Tunnel

Dogs and cats most certainly can become the best of friends. I had a dog who got along wonderfully with all four of our cats (plus the neighbor’s cat who adopted us). She loved them like they were her babies. However, just because cats and dogs get along doesn’t mean that there still isn’t that possibility that the cat is going to pester the dog. In our case at home, all four of our felines took turns picking on our poor dog. They all used to love to pop out from behind the corners of the walls and scare her before running off. It got to the point that we’re pretty sure the constant games – because that’s just how cats play – ended up giving her a complex. Every time she went down the hall or entered a new room, she’d always slow down and approach with caution as though anticipating a sneak attack from one of the cats.

One could say that cats prefer to play “mind games” with their fellow canine companions, and you’d probably be right. Most of the videos that we see online of cats and dogs at play usually involve some kind of trickery on the feline’s behalf. And given the sweet and trusting nature of dogs, they easily get hustled by the cunning kitties. But it’s these polar opposite personalities that usually make for such entertaining clips – like the one below.

In this wonderful footage, we get to see a cat trick a dog in the cutest way possible. River the cat and Jessie the dog were playing a game of hide-and-seek. During the chase, the cat ran into the toy tunnel to hide from Jessie. Thinking he’d caught River, Jessie then began to push his paws down on the end of the tunnel. But it turned out that River may have had the upper hand since she stealthily ran out the other end, past Jessie. Poor Jessie was none the wiser. 

It took Jessie a while to realize what had happened, and the dog continued to search the tube for River, confused as to where the feline got to. The camera then moves an inch to the right where you see River, seated beside the sofa, silently judging Jessie. Cat 1, Dog 0. 

Watch the hilarious clip below:

What do you think of River’s little Houdini act on Jessie? Do your dogs and cats play similar games together? Let us know!

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