Cat That Is Obsessed With Watching Dog Videos Gets A Real-Life Puppy Brother

When we think of cats, we think of aloof animals who spend all day sleeping when they aren’t chasing birds or mice. But one particular feline, Harrie, is like other cats. In fact, the longhaired gray cat much prefers to spend his time watching dog videos. He loved binging videos of dogs so much so, that his owner decided to get him a puppy of his own! And the results were adorable.

Harrie’s owner, Alyssa Lauren, happily indulged his obsession by bringing home a puppy, Baymax, to join the family. The cat became enthralled with the small golden retriever. At first, he acted as though it was a dream. But as the dog grew, so did the friendship between Harrie and Baymax was documented on Instagram, where there are plenty of photos and videos of the two spending time together. In fact, the video clip that detailed the blending of the family when Baymax came home, ended up going viral on social media.  

Plenty of people on social media were so thrilled and surprised to see the insanely close bond that these two animals share. Many commented on how “unreal” it seemed. While plenty of others just kept saying that it was adorable to see. 

As Alyssa has shared, this cat and dog duo are so close, they barely ever have any spats – and any they do have are quickly resolved. She further said that Baymax will sometimes growl at Harrie, but the cat never seems to take offense to it, almost as though he understands the circumstances. 

Of course, while this relationship may baffle most of social media, those of us pet owners who have both cats and dogs know fine well that the cats and dogs can easily be the best of friends. Do you have cats and dogs that are this close? Let us know!

You can check out their adorable friendship in the video below:

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