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Callie Thorne: Putting The “Rescue” In “Rescue Me”

In psychology there are two roles: that of patient and therapist. As an actress, Callie Thorne has gotten to explore both sides, as was there ever a character more in need of therapy than Sheila Keefe on the FX hit “Rescue Me?” In her current role on USA Network’s “Necessary Roughness,” Callie portrays Dr. Dani Santino, a therapist for professional athletes, helping them deal with life issues and crises. Having been on both sides of the couch, does Callie believe in dog therapy? “I do believe in pet therapy. Much like good trainers, I think good pet therapists can pick

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Jane Lynch’s Glee-Filled Life With Dogs

Jane with Olivia (left) and Francis (right) If you have ever been to an airport, then you have probably had a flight delayed. What is one to do to pass the time, but people watch, as you never know whom you might see? My biggest airport thrill as a child was waiting for a plane and running into Jimmy “The Mouth of the South” Hart, from the WWF. Hey, for a 12 year-old boy, it was quite a thrill. So it comes as no surprise to me that the airport is the favorite place of Olivia, Jane Lynch’s (“Glee,” “Two

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600 Years Of Dogs In Art

His Station and Four Aces by C.M. Coolidge, 1903. When people think of famous works of art featuring canines, “Dogs Playing Poker” tends to come to mind. What has become “cheesy” art along the lines of the Velvet Elvis was once a series of sixteen paintings by Cassius Marcellus Coolidge that were originally commissioned for an advertising campaign for cigars, two of which sold for a combined amount of nearly $600,000 several years ago. Think of that the next time you see a print of one of the paintings in someone’s “man cave.” But dogs have been the subject or

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“Little Rascals”

Did you know? The original Little Rascals movie is one of Cesar’s all-time favorites. So when our friends at Universal Entertainment reached out to collaborate with Cesar to develop dog care tips for kids, we knew he’d have fun with the project! Check out Cesar’s 10 bath tips for kids and dogs: 0

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How To Approach A Fearful Dog

Recently, Cesar hosted a group of veterinarians for a day of training at the Dog Psychology Center. In this video, he teaches them how to approach a fearful dog. The key is to engage the dog’s curiosity, and the best tool to use is the walk.   0

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Science Catches Up To Cesar

By Jon Bastian One of Cesar’s core principals of dog psychology is that they are pack animals and the pack has a hierarchy of leaders and followers. Cesar came to this conclusion over years of working with packs of dogs and observing their behavior. However, critics of Cesar’s methods say that this theory of dog behavior is outdated and based on captive wolves. Science is catching up to Cesar, though, and a recent study done by researchers from Oxford University, Eötvös University, Budapest and the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (HAS) shows that a pack of dogs does, in fact, have

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