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How To Approach A Fearful Dog

Recently, Cesar hosted a group of veterinarians for a day of training at the Dog Psychology Center. In this video, he teaches them how to approach a fearful dog. The key is to engage the dog’s curiosity, and the best tool to use is the walk.   0

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Science Catches Up To Cesar

By Jon Bastian One of Cesar’s core principals of dog psychology is that they are pack animals and the pack has a hierarchy of leaders and followers. Cesar came to this conclusion over years of working with packs of dogs and observing their behavior. However, critics of Cesar’s methods say that this theory of dog behavior is outdated and based on captive wolves. Science is catching up to Cesar, though, and a recent study done by researchers from Oxford University, Eötvös University, Budapest and the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (HAS) shows that a pack of dogs does, in fact, have

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Dog Care

Does Your Dog Love You?

By Juliana Weiss-Roessler If you believe that your dog truly loves you, are you right? Or is this just another way that we humanize our pets? It may not come as a surprise, but research confirms what most of us know from experience: dogs do experience feelings of love and affection. Yes, dogs rely on us for food and security, but they also look to us for social comfort and bonding. A team of scientists at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, trained over a dozen dogs to be comfortable around and in an MRI scanner, and they discovered that a

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All About Dogs

Titanic Love Of Dogs: The NFL’s Kamerion Wimbley

Kamerion Wimbley began his professional career with the Cleveland Browns right out of Florida State University, also playing for the Oakland Raiders before joining the Tennessee Titans in 2012. He retired in 2015. But Wimbley isn’t just about football, as we found out when we interviewed him recently. Like Cesar, he is a huge animal lover and advocate, and also has a special place in his heart for pit bulls. Here’s what he had to tell us. * * * Have you always loved dogs or animals in general? Where do you think that comes from? I’ve had a love

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‘Citizen Canine’ — How Wild Dogs Became Our Faithful Companions

In David Grimm’s new book “Citizen Canine: Our Evolving Relationship with Cats and Dogs,” the award-winning journalist and online news editor of Science traces the journey of dogs and cats from wild animals to family members, both in our homes and in the eyes of the law. We talked to him about recent developments in understanding dogs’ minds, how our relationships with them have gotten to where they are, and where things may be headed in the future. How did the idea for the book come about? I have always been interested in animals. I wanted to be a veterinarian

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Nickelodeon USA Premieres Brand-New Preschool Series ‘Mutt & Stuff’

Get ready for a barking good time! Nick Jr. USA has announced on the homepage of their official website,, the exciting Nickelodeon Preschool news that Nickelodeon USA will be premiering and showing a brand-new one-hour special of the networks upcoming brand-new live-action preschool series “Mutt & Stuff” on Friday, march 6, at 1:30 p.m. ET/PT! “Mutt & Stuff” (20 episodes) is a live-action preschool series produced by Sid and Marty Krofft. Set in a unique school for dogs, the series stars Calvin Millan, son of Cesar Millan, interacting with a cast of real dogs and puppets. “Mutt & Stuff” is

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