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Going In Without A Bite: How To Enter A Dog’s Territory

A lot of our visitors have asked for advice to help letter carriers, meter readers, gardeners and other workers avoid being bitten when they have to go into a yard with a dog in it. It’s a valid concern. Just among postal workers in 2014, there were nearly 6,000 bites or attacks in the U.S. alone. However, this advice isn’t meant just for people who have to enter strange yards in their line of work. These tips will help anyone who wants to enter a dog’s territory without being bitten. First, make sure to apply Cesar’s golden rule of approaching

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All About Dogs

‘What’s Up Dawg!’ Episode 2

In the second episode of Andre Millan’s new web series “What’s Up Dawg!” he drops in on the SoCal Corgi Beach Day in Long Beach, California. What started out as a meet-up between fifteen Facebook friends and their Corgis three years ago has exploded. The latest quarterly event saw around six hundred Corgis and their humans descend upon the beach for costume and limbo contests, some surfing, and the search for the best “momo.” If you don’t know what that is, watch the video below, check out other episodes at Cesar’s YouTube Channel, and stay tuned for next month’s installment

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Cesar 911 (“Cesar to the Rescue”)

About ‘Cesar 911’

On “Cesar 911″ (“Cesar to the Rescue” internationally) the world’s most loved dog behaviorist, Cesar Millan, rescues neighborhoods terrorized by badly misbehaving pooches. Each week, Cesar is called in by whistleblowers who tell on the four-legged thugs who scare neighbors, clients, friends, and even family members! Cesar surprises dog owners to witness the chaos firsthand and uses his unmatched expertise to bring balance to the dogs and humans. Watch “Cesar 911” on Nat Geo WILD! See full details, including episode guides and exclusive behind-the-scenes and dog follow-up videos at Cesar911.com! 0

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‘The Dog Whisperer With Cesar Millan’ Season 1 Episode Guide

Season 1 | Episode 1 | NuNu and Kane In this episode we meet NuNu the Chihuahua, an adorable, pint-sized hellion. Fiercely territorial, NuNu lets no one near his owner Tina, not even Tina’s housemate, Barclay, the one who convinced Tina to bring the dog home from the rescue shelter. Tipping the scales at 160 lbs, Kane is NuNu’s total opposite. Huge, lanky and…afraid. Ever since taking a bad fall, Kane is afraid of shiny surfaces, such as linoleum floors—so afraid that Marina, his owner, has to bring a carpet with her to get him to enter the school where

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‘The Dog Whisperer With Cesar Millan’ Season 2 Episode Guide

Season 2 | Episode 1 | Brady, Bandit and Hootie The new season of Dog Whisperer starts with a splash as we follow the progress of a water-obsessed Labrador. Plus, Cesar has his hands full with a pooch with performance anxiety and a leg chomping Chihuahua. It’s a season premiere you can really sink your teeth into. Kid-Aggressive Canines You may wonder why some dogs are very comfortable around adults, but exhibit aggressive behavior towards kids. The truth is that many dogs perceive children differently from the way they see adults. They move differently, walk differently, smell differently, and sound

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Cesar Millan

‘The Dog Whisperer With Cesar Millan’ Season 3 Episode Guide

Season 3 | Episode 1 | Kobe, Banjo, and Kisses An aggressive one-eyed Australian shepherd needs special treatment. Banjo, a traumatized black and tan coonhound is terrified of people, and Kisses, a not-so-pretty-in-pink Maltese gets a little too excited when guests drop by. Not So Pretty in Pink Little dogs like “Little Miss Kisses” can sometimes get hyperactive if they don’t get enough exercise, especially when they spend a lot of time indoors. But because they are so small, many owners don’t think they need as much exercise as bigger dogs. The metabolism of small dogs is often faster, so

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‘The Dog Whisperer With Cesar Millan’ Season 4 Episode Guide

Season 4 | Episode 1 | Kiko, Tootsie & Ginger, and Binkey When Bricil Madero moved in with her soldier sister on base at Camp Pendleton, she never imagined that her miniature pinscher Kiko would bully everyone in the house. Binkey, a young Chihuahua mix born without her two front legs, won’t have anything to do with the wheelchair her owners devised. Writer and director Mike White had no problems controlling the set of his new film Year of the Dog, but at home, French bulldogs Tootsie and Ginger are out of control. Will Cesar be able to call the

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‘The Dog Whisperer With Cesar Millan’ Season 5 Episode Guide

Season 5 | Episode 1 | Fluffy, Kuma, and Molly Cirque Du Soleil’s “O” at the Bellagio in Las Vegas showcases Adir Ionov’s acrobatic talents 60 feet in the air. But after a long night of clinging to trapeze bars and sailing steel ships through the sky, Adir has one more feat ahead of him before he goes to bed: He needs to walk Fluffy. The three year old Maltese has given Adir and his wife Anastasiia problems with the leash and walk ever since they’ve been together. Fluffy has never, ever liked wearing the leash. As soon as it’s

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‘The Dog Whisperer With Cesar Millan’ Season 6 Episode Guide

Season 6 | Episode 1 | Junior, Marley, Angel, and Mr. President In fifteen years, Daddy has proven to be the perfect dog, obeying Cesar’s every command and even assisting Cesar on some of his hardest cases. But Daddy, like all dogs, began his training as a puppy. In this special, Cesar decides to raise four different breeds with different breed-related characteristics to show people how any dog can be shaped into the perfect dog.Marley the happy-go-lucky yellow Labrador, Angel the show quality Miniature Schnauzer, Mr. President the affable English Bulldog, and Daddy’s protégé, Junior the blue Pit Bull, all

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‘The Dog Whisperer With Cesar Millan’ Season 7 Episode Guide

Season 7 | Episode 1 | Bebe and Lola When Bob Haueter brought Bebe home for his daughter Kim, he thought they would have another perfect pet like their Golden Retriever/Lab mix Sadie. But the English Bulldog had her own agenda. Bebe soon turned against Sadie, so Bob and Kim had to keep them separated. Only, Bebe didn’t stop there. She attacked the mini-blinds on the windows and ripped through all of the lampshades that were in reach. After replacing at least a dozen lampshades and drawing the blinds on all of the windows, Bob and Kim have had enough.

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