Barking and Howling


Excessive Barking

Dear Cesar, I have an American Staffordshire terrier named Coach who is almost four years old. We have an extreme problem with Coach barking through the fence at our surrounding neighbors and their dogs. Then, when we go outside to get him or tell him to stop, he won’t come to us and will take off running in the opposite direction. It is very frustrating. He does the same thing if we have company over and he is on the back patio. If he sees us inside with people, he starts barking and jumping up on the door. He also

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Barking and Howling

Dog With Hearing Loss Now Barking Louder

Dear Cesar, My parents and I have a thirteen-year-old Standard Poodle named Shadow. She’s always been very well behaved and went through training classes as a puppy. She walks well with all of us, and listened attentively to commands (such as “sit” or “quiet”). Unfortunately, she’s lost her hearing with age, so verbal commands no longer have the same effect. She barks much louder and will bark at the entrance to the kitchen until she gets food or someone pets her – this is a recent behavior that she never exhibited before. She barks through dinner or while we’re on

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