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Prey Drive Problem

Cesar, My dog is obsessed with cats, squirrels, birds, lizards, anything alive that moves. Does that mean she’s unbalanced? Is this normal, natural instinct? This summer, she’s been spending more and more time in our backyard stocking her prey, and less and less time in the house with the human pack. What am I doing wrong? -Lindsay Cesar Millan’s answer: Hi Lindsay, First, I’d like to remind you that the human tells the story and the dog tells the reality. Prey drive is a natural instinct because dogs are predators and hunters – this is something the human has in

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A dog waits on the sidewalk to cross the street.

Chasing Cars

Dear Cesar: I have a nine-month-old female Yorkshire terrier with several issues, most importantly one that may get her killed. She is only five pounds and wants to chase cars. A very dangerous combination. Correcting her, having her sit and look at me, walking in the opposite direction and even distracting her with toys is not working. What should I do? I try to walk her for an hour every day and play games with her and other dogs in my apartment complex. What is the next step? Please help!!! There are other issues I am working on, but this

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