Dogs Are Instinctual

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Cesar Millan

Honor Instinct

One of the things I remind people of constantly when they are trying to connect with their dogs is this: Honor instinct. It really should be a simple concept. If you want your dog to behave the way you want them to, then you have to honor their instincts to get that behavior. The trouble is, people are not instinctual. They’re intellectual and emotional. But if you try to communicate with your dog through intellect and emotion, only one thing is going to happen. Your dog is not going to understand what you want, so is going to do what

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All About Dogs

Why Dogs Make The Best Companions

Perhaps you’re considering something more exotic than a dog as a family pet, but there are some animals that just shouldn’t be part of your household. Here are six of them. 1. The hedgehog Hedgehogs are adorable little balls of fur. Resembling tiny porcupines but not as sharp, they are friendly and docile and will sleep in your hand. Nocturnal creatures, they will snooze all day and you will stare at their undeniable awesomeness — their smiling little faces, and their cute little feet. Did I mention that they are nocturnal? This means that they get up at night, when

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