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Is Bad Weather Coming? Ask Your Dog

“Dog Alerts Owner to Bad Weather” It sounds like a headline from a supermarket tabloid but scientific facts support this seemingly amazing claim — which is not so amazing to those of us who own dogs. So many of us have experienced our furry companions barking well before we hear thunder, or have come to enjoy the old head-in-our-lap cuddle just before rain pelts our house. How often do we find our dogs jumping for joy just about the time we hear our weatherman warning of an imminent snowstorm? We’ve all heard those not-so-tall tales of a family’s dog barking

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Animal, Species, Breed, Name

Animal, Species, Breed, Name

My friends from the Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary in New Mexico paid us a visit at the Cesar Millan offices in Los Angeles. They had just returned from Alaska, where they rescued a wolf from a terrible situation. It was an honor and a privilege to meet this wolf and made me think about how much we can learn from the wolf, as the animals and species from which dogs descended. I’ve talked about this many times. When we relate to our dogs, especially when trying to correct an unwanted behavior or issue, it’s important to think of them first

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