Five Natural Dog Laws

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The Dog Is Telling You Something

Valentine’s Day is at the end of this week, a time for couples to celebrate their romance. Traditionally, it’s a time for chocolate and flowers, candlelit dinners, and a reminder of the love between two people. But love and romance are not always easy, and sometimes there are bumps along the road, often when something comes between the couple. When that something is a lack of time or another person, the problem can actually be easier to solve because it can be easily defined. But what happens when that “something” is the dog? Couples With Dogs Over the years, I’ve

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Cesar Millan

Glossary Of Terms From “Cesar’s Way”

Calm-assertive Energy This is the energy you project to show your dog you are the calm and assertive pack leader. Note: assertive does not mean angry or aggressive. Calm-assertive means always compassionate, but quietly in control. Calm-submissive Energy In nature, this is the appropriate energy for a “follower” in a dog pack, and thus the ideal energy for a dog to project when living in a household with humans. Signs of calm-submissive energy include a relaxed posture, ears held back, and a nearly instinctual response to the “pack leader’s” commands. Exercise, Discipline, and Affection… in That Order These are the

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