Project Calm and Assertive Energy

A woman gives her pup some love after a walk.
Dog Psychology

Pack Leadership Technique 1: Project Calm, Assertive Energy

‘To dogs,’ says Cesar, ‘energy is everything.’ Because dogs communicate with energy, our personal energy plays a central role in our relationship with them. Dogs are our mirrors, reflecting back in their behavior the energy we express. If we are hyperactive and over-excited, our dogs will be the same; if we are tense and angry, our dogs will be anxious. Dogs Want Stable Energy Unlike humans, dogs will not follow unstable energy. They instinctually seek and follow pack leaders who exhibit calm and assertive energy. When dogs live with a human who does not fill this role, they will attempt

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Be the Pack Leader

You Are The Reward

One of the things people often ask me is, “What’s the best training method for my dog?” It can be a confusing subject, because there are two approaches to training, and various techniques. Training comes down to either “do” or “don’t” — encourage a positive behavior or discourage a negative one. This can be based on rewards, like a treat, or ending a bad thing, like stopping in your tracks when the dog pulls and not moving until she relaxes. Techniques are not important. I do use positive reinforcement when I work with dogs, but not in the way that

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Be Aware of Your Energy

Three Important Words

By Cesar Millan I’m now on the final days of my Latin American tour, doing my last show in Mexico City tonight, and then on to Monterrey before going home to Los Angeles. It seems like it was only a few days ago that I was writing to you about the halfway point. The end of the trip did seem to come faster than getting from the beginning to the middle. I was going to take the opportunity to answer more of your questions this week, but as I read through them I started to realize that many of you,

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Be Aware of Your Energy

5 Steps To Becoming Calm

By Cesar Millan One of the most important things I teach people to do is always exhibit calm, assertive energy around their dogs — and it’s a good way to approach life in general. But I’m frequently asked, “How do I do that?” The good news is that once you’ve figured out how to achieve that state of calm, it becomes more instinctual and easier to do. The better news is that anyone can learn how to emit calm, assertive energy. Here are five tips to help you achieve it. Relax. Your Dog is not Misbehaving on Purpose No matter

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Cesar Millan with a german shepherd
Cesar Millan


Humans like to think that they’re not pack animals, but we are, and for proof of that we only need to look at the nearest gas station. Prices dropped to their lowest levels in years because the king of Saudi Arabia announced that he wasn’t going to reduce production. Then, the king died and, although his successor said nothing about reducing production, prices shot back up because of uncertainty. People do not like uncertainty. It makes them anxious, maybe even fearful. In humans, uncertainty can be caused by a lack of leadership, but we’re not the only ones affected that

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Be the Pack Leader

A Family Affair

In quite a lot of cases where I’m called in to help a family with their dog’s misbehavior, I quickly find out that the dog is not the problem. In fact, some people have told me that I turned out to be more of a marriage counselor than a dog behaviorist. Humans are Pack Animals, Too AsI often say, humans like to think that we’re not pack animals, but we are. And we need to remember that, when we bring dogs into the household, we are not creating two separate packs. Every member of that household, human or dog, is

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All About Dogs

How To Help Our Dogs Achieve Balance

Many of my clients call their dog their soul mate or their baby, but the dog tears up the furniture and drags them all over the neighborhood on a walk. The client pleads with the dog to behave, cajoles the dog, and offers her treats with no change in the dog’s behavior. Why? Dogs are animals, and they respond to calm-assertive leadership—not emotional arguments or negotiations. If you have a dog in your life, it is important to understand how to allow her to live in a balanced way and achieve a healthy state of mind. Dogs have found themselves

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