Pack Leader

Cesar Millan walks with pet owners and their canines.
Dog Training

Mastering The Pack

One of the exercises that Cesar has everyone who attends his Fundamentals of Dog Behavior and Training I course do is the pack walk. One-by-one, everybody takes charge and walks a pack of eight or more dogs, all at once. It can be an inspiring sight as someone who had trouble walking just one dog of their own suddenly takes the reins and leads a whole bunch of them. If you’re having difficulty walking your dog, you may wonder how it’s possible to walk a whole lot of them at once, but it’s not as daunting as it sounds. Here

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An older man sits on a bench with his dog.

Senior Citizen Canines: Dog Breeds For Mature Pack Leaders

People are always asking Cesar, “Which breed of dog is the right one for me?” His answer to the question is that breed doesn’t matter. Energy does. If you want to have a balanced relationship, start with a dog with an energy level the same or lower than yours. However, breed can make some difference if the potential owners have certain physical limitations. You probably shouldn’t have a Great Dane if you live in a studio apartment, or a slobbery bulldog if you have allergies. Likewise, as humans age, they may experience changes that can limit whether they can have

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hiking with dog
Dog Care

Hiking For Homeless Dogs

By Michelle Sathe Best Friends Animal Society Pet Adoption and Spay and Neuter Center Best Friends Animal Society Pet Adoption and Spay and Neuter Center aims to turn Los Angeles into the nation’s largest no-kill city by 2017 through brown-paw volunteer led enrichment hikes. It was a gorgeous Southern California spring morning, and for a few hours 18 dogs forgot they were homeless. Axel, a buff three year-old American Staffordshire terrier mix, led the pack of dogs, staff, and volunteers from the Best Friends Animal Society Pet Adoption and Spay and Neuter Center on an enrichment hike up the four

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dog alone on road | what to do if dog goes missing
All About Dogs

Lost! What To Do If Your Dog Goes Missing

It’s one of the worst feelings imaginable: the panic that sets in when you realize your dog is missing. It happens to someone every two seconds, often when the dog is in someone else’s care, or in an unfamiliar area. Most pets are back with their family in the first few hours, but the odds of a reunion drop dramatically after that first day. You may not want to even think about it, but the good news is that there are quick, easy, and very effective things you can do right now — when your pet is safe and right

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Dog Park

How To Start A Dog Park In Your Neighborhood

A fenced area where dogs can socialize safely unleashed can be incredibly beneficial to pups and their pack leaders, but unfortunately many people aren’t lucky enough to have one nearby. Do you live in a community without a dog park? Well, why not change that? Here’s a guide to getting one started. Find Like-Minded Pack Leaders You can’t do it alone, so find some help. You want to locate people who are as passionate about the project as you are. You may be surprised how easy they are to find. After all, we all love our dogs! You can talk

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Two sisters snuggle with their pet dog.
All About Dogs

Kids And Dogs

Your children’s pets are much more than pals — they can also teach them some valuable lessons about life. “Two of the proudest days of my life were when I introduced my ‘puppies’ into my pack,” says Cesar, breaking into a smile. The “puppies,” of course, are sons Andre and Calvin. When his sons were just one month old, Cesar took them to meet the dogs in his pack. “It’s a very primal thing… I wanted the dogs to be able to smell the placenta.” But not only did the dogs always recognize the scent of his sons, Andre and

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All About Dogs

Dream Jobs For Dog Lovers

Most people who read this site would probably consider themselves dog lovers, but you think your passion goes further than that. You don’t just like your dogs, you like all dogs, and you want to spend as much time with them as possible and help them in any way you can. If you could find a way to do it, you would make dogs your life. So… why don’t you? There are plenty of careers where you can be around your canine friends quite a bit and do things to improve their lives. Here are just a few jobs for

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Cesar Milan walks a pack of dogs during a training exercise
All About Dogs

Jada Pinkett Smith Takes The Lead

Among the unexpected benefits of adopting Cesar’s training principles: finding the love of your life. Or so says Jada Pinkett Smith, who credits Cesar with helping to build her self-confidence to the point that, when she met Will Smith more than a dozen years ago, she knew she was ready for a long-term partnership. “I had a bunch of failed relationships before,” says Jada. She blames some of the breakups on a failure to focus, and others on not paying enough attention to the worlds of her suitors. Enter Cesar They were introduced through a mutual friend with two Rottweilers.

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A valentine dog is ready to help his owner find love
All About Dogs

Can Your Dog Help You Find The Perfect Mate?

Having trouble finding the perfect mate? Tired of dating services that don’t work and blind dates with people with whom you have nothing in common? Before you take yourself off of the market, always remember that you have your dog. That’s right. Enlisting the help of your faithful canine companion could be your best bet at finding your perfect mate. It stands to reason that if dogs can sniff out cancer cells in humans, detect bombs, and locate lost people, they might also be able to find your perfect match. Cesar Millan is a believer. “Dogs live in an instinctual

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tan and black dog walking
Cesar Millan

Let It Be

Show of hands — how many of you consider your dogs to be your children? Do you call them your “fur babies” and include them in family events? Maybe celebrate their birthdays, talk to them constantly, feed them scraps from the table? Well, if you’re doing these things, you’re acting like a lot of dog owners. The problem is, if you are, then you’re doing all of the wrong things for your dogs. As I like to say, in Mexico, dogs are skinny but happy. In other places, they are fat and neurotic. The Problem with Humanizing Your Dog Considering

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