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World Stray Animals Day: Why This Cause Is So Important To Me

By Cesar Millan I was very honored to have been asked to be the ambassador for World Stray Animals Day and I wanted to take a moment to explain why it means so much to me. People see stray animals going through garbage on the street looking for food and they would just rather not see them. They don’t make the neighborhood look nicer—they just seem like they’re dirty and spread disease. They don’t really care where these animals go, as long as they’re gone. But you see, in many ways, I was a stray. I came to America. I

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Should You Adopt A Puppy Or An Adult?

Are you thinking of welcoming a new dog into your pack? If so, one of the first decisions to make is whether you’d like to adopt a puppy or an adult. There really is nothing quite as adorable as a puppy. Cute, cuddly and full of affection, the gaze from a puppy’s big, round eyes can melt any heart. If you adopt a puppy, expect to spend a lot of time with them during their first year of life. You’ll need to care for their every need, teach them how to behave and show them where to spend their time.

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Dog Care

Saving The Satos — Stray Dogs

By Cesar Millan Recently, I was given the chance to see a documentary called 100,000. It is directed by Juan Agustín Márquez and shows the tremendous problem with stray and abandoned dogs in Puerto Rico. The name of the film refers to the estimated number of homeless dogs living in the streets of Puerto Rico. The documentary will bring tears to your eyes when you see the horrible conditions these dogs live in. The fact that Playa Lucia is now called Dead Dog Beach tells you a lot about what things are like for the satos in Puerto Rico. In

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How To Choose The Best Dog For Your Kids

Choosing the best dog for your kids is a very personal decision that depends on your family’s lifestyle, temperament, and budget. A dog should be compatible with your family to facilitate a smooth transition and a happy life for all parties involved. Here are some things to consider to help you choose the right dog for your children. Lifestyle All dogs love physical activity and enjoy the outdoors, but your family has to be to be able to provide a certain amount of activity for certain dogs. Although a lot of children say that they like physically active dogs like

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Can You Afford A Dog?

My wife had just brought our 8-month-old puppy into the vet to be neutered. She calls me about ten minutes later: “It’s going to be twice what we budgeted.” “Why?” “He only has one testicle. The other one didn’t descend.” “So he only has half the testicles and the neuter costs double?” The difference in cost was because the vet had to root around Sam’s abdomen to look for the other testicle. I understood, but it caused some budgetary rearranging that month. I share this story to illustrate the costs that a lot of prospective dog owners fail to take

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