Fleas and Ticks

A dog bites at a spot where fleas are infested.
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How To help Protect Your Dog Against Fleas And Ticks

When you and your family enjoy the warm weather of spring and summer, don’t forget to take steps to help protect your dog against fleas and ticks. Recent years have marked the warmest winters and overall weather ever recorded in the continental United States1. While the mild temperatures and early spring weather have been great for getting outside with your pets, it also means an earlier flea and tick season. Ticks survive the winter in microclimates, and after the thaw a feeding and breeding female tick can lay hundreds to thousands of eggs at one time2. Fleas can survive freezing

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A dog is groomed regularly to check for bites
Bites Wounds and Cuts

Conquering An Invisible Threat

By Cesar Millan When we adopt a dog we make a promise, which is a commitment to provide for their needs for the rest of their lives. This doesn’t just mean feeding them and walking them, though. If a dog has behavioral issues, it is our responsibility to figure out what’s causing them and to solve the problem. Returning a misbehaving dog to a shelter is not an option. And if a dog has health issues, we are also responsible for doing what is necessary to take care of them. But providing for a dog’s health doesn’t just mean going

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brown dog scratching fleas
Dog Care

Fleas And Ticks And Burrs — Oh My!

Summertime means sunshine, backyard barbecues, and lots of fun. But for your dog, the season unfortunately comes with a few hitches. Spending more time outdoors increases your pup’s chances of getting burrs, fleas, and even ticks. Read on for the best tips on how to combat the summer’s puppy predicaments. Getting Rid of Fleas For a pet owner, the arrival of warm, humid summer weather also means it’s flea season once again. If you happen to find the annoying little insects on your baby, remember to treat your house at the same time you treat your hound to prevent re-infestation.

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