Cesar Has Partnered Up With Prizeo Charity Auction

Cesar Milan Charity Auction

It’s no secret that Cesar’s passion fueled energy comes from the connections he makes with the people he teaches and the dogs he rehabilitates. It means everything to him and he’s hoping it will mean something significant to you too! Significant enough to want to enter to win some of this magical one-on-one time with him while simultaneously helping his charity,  The Cesar Millan PACK Project. Cesar has partnered up with Prizeo Charity Auction to do just that and here’s what he had to say about it.

“I would love to meet you and invite you to spend the day with me at my Dog Physiology Center where I can show you what I’ve created and hear all about you and your dog! Thank you for your donation and make sure you check out all of the different prizes you can win. ”

To enter to win the day with Cesar or one of the other prizes, head to Prizeo.com/Cesar and make a $10 minimum donation which goes to The Cesar Millan PACK Project  dedicated to reducing euthanasia, overpopulation, and suffering, while also educating humans to build respectful, healthy relationships with dogs. If you’d like to donate more, you’ll get extra chances to win, plus some cool rewards. It’s Cesar’s way of saying thank you for your supporting our four legged friends.

To read the rest of his open letter, learn more about the auction and ENTER TO WIN , head over to PRIZEO, but before you go, check out the video of Cesar telling you all about it!


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