Chris Evans Got An Instagram Cause He ‘Had Too Many Good Pictures Of My Dog’

How many of us are pet owners who are guilty of making a social media account solely for our pets? I’d imagine most of you are probably blushing right now. But that’s perfectly ok, you’re in good company. As it turns out, there is another pet parent who is incredibly proud of his pooch and wants to show him off to the world.

That dog dad would be Chris Evans, who solely created his Instagram in order to share videos and pictures of his dog. Evans first set up his Instagram account at the beginning of May in response to Chris Pratt’s “#AllInChallenge” which was an effort to raise money for the coronavirus relief. While the star’s first post was a video offering a virtual hang out with him and some of his co-stars from Avengers, all the subsequent posts have involved his dog, Dodger. In fact, while being interviewed by late-night host Jimmy Fallon, Evans revealed that Dodger was basically the reason for his Instagram’s existence.

As he shared with Fallon, “I guess I caved. I feel like such an old man; I feel so late to the party. Do you know what it is? I had too many good pictures of my dog. I was like, ‘They’re being wasted in my phone. I need to put these somewhere.'”

Since debuting his Instagram, Evans also treated us to the hilarious video of him trying to give Dodger a DIY haircut while in lockdown. Sadly for Dodger, the results were less than stellar since his sides had several closely shaved bald spots. As Fallon referred to the styling, it came out looking “unfortunate.”

Explaining his dog’s haircut, Evans said, “I had done it once before, right when quarantine began. I gave him just a little bit of a trim…and it went great! And so I got a little confident and put on a shorter attachment, and it just exploded in my face, and I kept trying to fix it. Eventually, I was like, ‘Alright, I just gotta cut my losses.'”

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Just woke up to this pillow hog

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Fallon joked that he was considering cutting his own dog’s hair and asked the actor for tips, to which he replied, “Here’s the deal…The first time I did it it was after a walk, so he was exhausted. He was straight and flat. You gotta go with the hair, don’t go against it. The next time I did it it was first thing in the morning, and he had a lot of energy, and as you’re bringing the clippers down he kept twisting his body and the skin would crunch up…He had no idea what was goin’ on. You’re trying to speak to him, and he doesn’t speak English.”

Either way, I think it’s safe to say that we don’t care why Evans started his Instagram, so long as he keeps giving us Dodger content. We want to see more of his precious pup!

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