Coors Light Will Pay For You To Adopt A Dog Throughout February

With Valentine’s Day there is so much love floating around in the air – and not just for humans, animals need love too. And what better way to show an animal how much you love them by providing them with a much-needed home?

Coors Light is running a campaign that is encouraging people to show some love through adoption rather than other alternatives.

From the 5 of February all the way until the 21, the company will be reimbursing up to $100 worth of adoption fees for 1,000 adoptable dogs across the country – that is an estimated $100,000 in adoption fees overall! And it’s available to any potential pet adopter who is over the age of 21 – you don’t even have to purchase a beer in order to avail of the scheme.

For those who would like to have their adoption fees waived by the generosity of Coors Light, they should submit a receipt of the adoption to the company through text. It’s simple, just text COORS4k9 to 28130 alongside a photo of the adoption certificate.

After a review is conducted, the first 1,000 lucky participants who are eligible, will be receiving $100 that they can put towards the adoption fees. This will make a significant dent in the cost of bringing home a new pet.

But before you get too excited, if you live in the states of California, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, Texas, Virginia, or West Virginia then you won’t be eligible for the money.

As the Marketing Manager for Molson Coors, Chelsea Parker, stated, “Cuffing Season is a major cultural trend and poses tension for our younger drinkers, as they navigate the stress of finding someone to spend the cold months with. With almost half of millennials planning to stay in on Valentine’s Day, we wanted to help empower people to savor the day with Coors Light and a dog by their side.”

If you’re unfamiliar with the statistics, the ASPCA has estimated that approximately 6.5 million pets enter the shelter system across the US each year – 3.3 million of these are dogs.

Unfortunately, this large number means that roughly 1.5 million shelter animals each year will end up being euthanized – with the stats showing it to be 670,000 dogs and 860,000 cats.

CNN was informed by a Coors Light spokesperson, “There are so many dogs looking for their person and have unconditional love to give, so this effort was a natural extension to Coors Light’s latest ad campaign, which features a woman who’s choosing to skip cuffing season and chill with her dog and a cold beer instead.”

This generosity was partly inspired after Coors Light found that a majority of millennials, 58%, find both Valentine’s Day and “cuffing season” to be entirely overrated.

With so many young people of the age to legally drink wanting to stay in on Valentine’s Day, it’s no wonder that the beer company wants to do something to make this time of year more fun. And what’s better than watching a serial killer documentary on the couch with your furry best friend?

To check out the full list of terms and conditions for adoption fee waiver, please click here.


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