Corgi Takes In Orphaned Pit Bull Puppies As Her Own

Puppy mills are the absolute worst places imaginable. The way they breed and treat dogs is nothing short of inhumane and cruel. Sara was a Corgi who had lived most of her life in a puppy farm – where she’d been forced to give birth to dozens upon dozens of litters – before she was rescued by No Dog Left Behind Minnesota. The puppy farm had actually had the audacity to abandon poor Sara on the grounds of being “a bad mom.” When she was rescued, she was already pregnant again, and as No Dog Left Behind Minnesota was happy to confirm, as soon as her puppies were born, she was the absolute best doggie mommy possible.

Stephanie Easley, a volunteer for No Dog Left Behind Minnesota, spoke to The Dodo and said, “She has been an amazing mom from the start. She is always loving and checking on her puppies. She allows and even places her puppies into her foster family’s hands and checks them over when they are placed back in the pool.”

Photo: Stephanie Easley

When a litter of four puppies was found underneath an abandoned building, No Dog Left Behind Minnesota was quick to take them in and get them set up with the best possible care. The volunteers started to bottle-feed them, however, the puppies were too young and fragile. They needed a mother’s touch. That is when the rescuers decided to see if Sara had a little more love to give.

As Easley shared, “The director of the rescue had the experience and knowledge to try blending the two litters together. Due to Sara’s motherly instinct, the director felt she would be an amazing option.”

Photo: Stephanie Easley

In order to give the tiny puppies the best possible chance of survival, the team took a leap of faith and handed them over to Sara, hoping she’d take them in. The rescuers weren’t sure if she’d accept them as her own, but their fears were all dashed the second that Sara met the puppies. She took them in without hesitation.

Easley said, “She has taken over all mom responsibilities.”

Photo: Stephanie Easley

Picking up the responsibilities for the rescue, Sara has been busy nursing, cleaning and caring for the rescued puppies the same way that she cares for her own. In fact, Sara has made herself quite the little family, and it’s clear that she loves all the puppies equally as though they were hers. Even Sara’s own puppies have accepted their adopted siblings.

Photo: Stephanie Easley

As Easley happily stated, “Both litters of pups act as one … which is really strange due to the age and developmental difference. The corgi puppies are even behaving more gentle to their orphaned sibling pups. They sleep together in one giant pile.”

Sadly, one of the four rescued pups was too weak and did not survive, however, the other three are doing just fine, and under Sara’s watchful eye, they’re getting bigger and bigger. The rescue isn’t quite sure what breed the puppies are, but they have a suspicion that they might be pit bull puppies. However, only time will tell exactly what kind they are.

Photo: Stephanie Easley

Easley said, “They are consistently gaining weight and moving around. They are becoming puppy-like every day!”

Thanks to Sara, the puppies are no longer abandoned orphans, but instead are a part of a big, loving family. And in time, they will get a chance to find their forever homes when they’re ready.

Easley concluded, “No Dog Left Behind Minnesota wants to share how very thankful we are for the fosters of both litters. They completely uprooted their lives to care for all the dogs involved and have been working together to continue caring!”

To donate to No Dog Left Behind Minnesota, you can click here.

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