Curious Dog Is Confused By Sleeping Dog Sand Sculpture

Prior to lockdown we’ve probably all spent a day by the beach where we’ve seen some local artists take advantage of the copious amounts of sand lying about in order to create some really cool sand sculptures. 

Sand sculptures are pretty impressive and life-like works of art using sand, so it makes sense that we admire them when we see them. Of course, humans aren’t the only ones who are able to appreciate art when they see it, as one video so cutely captured.

There was an adorable little golden lab who was filmed making a new friend. Or at least he thought it was a new friend – it was really just a sand sculpture in the shape of a dog. But the pooch’s reaction was just so pure and innocent you can’t help but smile. 

In the video, the dog can be seen looking at the sculpture, who looks quite realistic. The adorable pup then gets down, quietly crawling towards the sculpture lying out on a red blanket. He extends his paw, his tail wagging furiously as he tries to befriend what he thinks is a dog. In the end, after a little sniffing around, the dog finally comes to the realization that it was just a very convincing work of art, and the dog allows himself to be walked off by his owner.

The artist of the sculpture should be really proud that the dog mistook their work for the real thing. It really is precious to watch as the lab tries to make friends. 

Watch it below:

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