Dachshund Works At A Local Pet Store Shop As ‘Chief Meeter And Greeter’

Dogs are incredibly loyal companions. They’re people pleasers who love to make us happy. Besides being great company, our beloved pooches are also hard workers. In addition to being our fulltime friends and protectors, there are some pooches that end up being employed outside the home.

And lucky for us, there is adorable footage of a hardworking dachshund employed at his local pet store. The happy little pooch was the official “store meeter and greeter.” He’s been working at the store since his owner, Judy Laine, brought him with her to the store when he was only nine weeks old. The now-one-year-old canine works at the pet store in Broadmeadows, Nottingham alongside Judy. 

Frankie is a very dedicated employee. He’s never missed a day of work. He spends his time at work greeting customers who come into the shop, as well as other daily operations in store. The little model employee is such a joy to have around that he was even given his very own custom-made uniform. He even has his own employee breakroom: a comfy bed underneath the till. 

As his 42-year-old owner stated, “Frankie has full run of the shop when we are closed and we usually do early shifts, so most days we start work at 6.00 or 7.00 am. Whilst I’m cleaning out the pets at work, Frankie wanders around, plays chase with any colleagues he can distract, pinches loose biscuits from under the pick and mix biscuit bar. He also runs off with cardboard boxes when we have deliveries and generally has great fun.”

Judy continued and explained that her coworkers love having the pooch around the store. They particularly love his antics which keep up the workplace morale. She even shared that he often makes appearances on their social media accounts. According to Judy, the staff has even given him his own hashtag, #PAHFrankie.

Judy also shared that Frankie may be getting a promotion soon as a product tester who “reviews” the store’s products. Hopefully, that’ll come with a pay bump for the pup. Regarding her pet, Judy could only say one thing, “He is literally the most perfect little dog ever.” And we’re inclined to agree with her – Frankie is such a little cutie patootie!

Watch him hard at work below:


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